national poetry month

national poetry month
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Monday, April 17, 2017

And the Doves Cry

On the vergence of yesterday and tomorrow
I am caught, between the infinite all and nothing.
Like a bird on the wing flying through two peaks
With river below flowing one way and only one way
Merging into pooled water or distant ocean
I on the wing, with rain starting, even here
There's flying life up in the clouds
But one has to be small, So very small; To survive..

In the nexus of heaven and hell
I am caught, between wilderness and civilization
Like a pioneer plowing a field for some barley and wheat
With rocks piled up like a rose bush, cast to side
Merging into tree line or distant forest
I behind ox, with sun shining, even here
There's joyous smiles up in the mountains
But one has to persist, always persist; To survive..

Above the threshold of peace and war
I am caught, between insanity and cleanliness
Like a denizen of life passing night and days
With hideaway disguised like a hollowed out log, quietly dry
Merging into time or distant history
I below sky, with clock ticking, even here
There's not enough time for everything
But one has to wait, always wait; To survive..

Friday, April 14, 2017

Prompt- Clarihew ; from day 14

Donald Trump
Is a blustery and bossy leader.
Having dinner at Mar-a-lago golf club,
He watched a man eat crow on the 9th hole.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Inna Sense II

Trump bombed Syria
And the mercenaries dividing the country
Get to kill, and kill, and kill, until
Basically there is no country left
But one big well, filled with black grease
That will ease their conscious of stealing the inner cents
Of dollars pumped from the ground in push and pull.

That isn't leadership, but boss hoggitude...
Get on the ground, and pull our country into success
Rather than sitting by desk, sit in the field:
And know what food is,
Talk to the ant, to learn pernicious ambivalence
Feel this heat, and be thankful it rains in this country
Shake hands with the farmer, He/She built this Land...
And every land. before. time. and will do so again..

Cause this Conflict was presaged by water and food shortage.
This Conflict was presaged by hunger.
Should we sooner shoot a man because he's hungry,
Than give him a piece of bread?

Trump in your Tower with the eye above,
Forsake this war, Forsake the beating drums.
Throw down your makeup, we come from humble stock.
The rejects of every nation has made America Great!
Come home, and live like an actual American,
Half-good at everything, and twice as good as the next person.
Come home, alive, to your peaceful family,
Whom want their brothers and sisters to come home, too
And share peace, as well.

Death-making will only ever feed the crow, the goth, and visighoul.
And will put you on the wrong-side of history.

A Resistor Blew Up, Yesterday

Bop Prompt - day 11 - from NaPoWriMo.Net

Collapsing, the World, falls in.
Little things one by one drop from the cursive:
Elbows wear out cleaning the dirt,
Hammers swing heavy putting it all back up,
A car, needs a headlight and blinker from a deer last night,
A house, needs a battery to capture emergency power,
A fridge, always the fridge, is getting on empty.

And yet, she persisted

Her path takes her to the corner store.
Where constant nibbling by the devil, actually keeps it open.
The window outside always views mountains where mass wasting...
Lightens the load, and more rises uplifted.
To think lightening up, brings more crap.
With a thing checked off, now she had 5 more to do.

And yet, she persisted

She does it.. and gets home to fall on couch
She rests, as the couch rests, as the floor rests on Earth
And way over in Australia, there's a wooden bench with a person resting...
The rain falls soothingly, drips down with all the other drops
Calming her to sleep, as it slowly rivules down the glass.
The world all falls in together, everything all at once, keeping lives together

...And yet.. she persists..

Monday, April 10, 2017

Melting Snow

"A man on a deserted island Won't eat the only last goat If he's starving of hunger" -Anon

Even my cats are lonely
As they play with their friend
A mouse
In the house
     that ticks empty
The passing heart
Yearning for life, love, and laughter..
Again to learn happiness' new smile

2 score months plus one
And I the sole inhabitant with my cats
Alas, time has forgot
And the swallows sleep in snow this April
Though Crocus sprout but now lay dying
In frostbitten lands that lie dead as well

Though Pine stands erect, and green, and flowering
Much else stands sodden and bereft of dignity
From the great neglect of winter storm and rain

Where is the shining face that says sweet words
On honeyed tongue with joyful cry
Where is the rising earth that makes pregnant life
On passioned touch with soft whispering

It is gone, frozen, cold, and buried
Having paid visit to Lord Charon
It is gone.. and now only visits in memory.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Like and Dislikes

I prefer making.
I prefer honest words.
I prefer being unhassled.
I prefer new places.
I prefer sleeping under the stars.
I prefer people whom smile with you.
I prefer talking with me than at me or about me.
I prefer audience participation.
I prefer seeing everything as much as I can.
I prefer seeing the planet from outerspace.
I prefer walking a short distance.
I prefer homebrewed beer from a bucket to something
from a can.
I prefer relaxing music to relieve stress.
I prefer dancing to just sitting and watching a band.
I prefer group discussions.
I prefer union made products to made in america.
I prefer simple illustrations.
I prefer artistic renditions to a photograph.
I prefer imaginative discussions about devices
that don't even exist or probably don't.
I prefer electric labor-saving devices.
I prefer going to the moon when the only
option is sitting at home on the couch.
I prefer light conversations to discussing
everything that's happened to me today.
I prefer watching fish during waking hours
where I'm not at work making someone else rich.
I prefer options and benefits in friendships and jobs.
I prefer a woodstove to propane cans or open fireplace.
I prefer using as few bullets as possible when I go hunting
or fishing or camping or hiking.
I prefer buying myself flowers or finding my own.
I prefer having more than one pet.
I prefer long beaches.
I prefer glow-in-the-dark colors.
I prefer cool ponds.
I prefer science fiction books that are super weird.
I prefer keeping in mind the world doesn't revolve around me.
I prefer to stay home on Friday the 13th.
I prefer the point of life is happiness.
I prefer the point of happiness is funnage.
I prefer people to look at me if they're talking to me.
I prefer remembering the departed often to specific occasions.
I prefer to keep my life private as I would my religion.
I prefer carrying my own bag and other people carrying theirs.
I prefer holidays that can be celebrated for a week.
I prefer hardwood floors to tile or carpet.
I prefer poems that don't talk on only about what a person feels
but play with some kind of modeled thinking.
I prefer open windows when I'm feeling sick or bored or whenever.

Upside Down

Prompt from NaPoWriMo.Net
write 9 lines

I woke up, and found a bed to lie in
I stood up, and found a pot to pour
I warmed up, and found my email full
I sat up, and found my work to do
I wrote up, and found my thoughts cohere
I looked up, and found the sun ashine
I listened up, and found my friends' smiles
I waited up, and found my brother calling
I stayed up, and now the evenings down.