Thursday, July 14, 2016

Knowing Your Go

Look for the helpers, she said
They're everywhere...
In every disaster.

Look for the hearts, he said
They're everywhere...
Around every mankind.

Look for the music, they said,
Melodies float surrounding...
About every air.

Look for the life, we said,
Spirit nestles in everything...
Between really unreal.

Look for the fun, could be said,
Joy builds humanity...
Behind every childhood.

Here In The Summer And Spring Of Sixteen

I woke without alarm this morning
The cat saw me rejoin after bathroom and purred
And with coffee made, I rejoined again
With You, whom secrets into anonymity

The grass was cold walking in the dew
The Sun is warmly rising
And the world, too, awakens here at 9 o'clock

The deck seems a little cleaner in the morning...
The stillness looks a little more peaceful...
The highway sounds a little slower...
Though everyone is traveling at the speed of life
With their spaceships and light drives
This morning, and every morning,
              here in the Summer and Spring of sixteen.

The clutter calls, "You need more crap."
So I go to it like a lover, and make a hole.
The vacuum becomes so intense,
                it fills in with more crap, soon after.
But it looks cleaner, and I remind myself I have a long ways to go,
And try to purchase less, not that I actually have much money.
I call my dollars, stretch to myself, for a reason
When I'm out chasing pavements.

I'm such a rebel, no?  Trying to buy less crap, Indeed!
Is it so much earning what one works for, as
being happy with what one has... because

Who really invents their own lightbulb but a poet.
Whom really builds their own lawnmower or produce(s).
But we love things, and use people
    And that's why the world is screwed up, and climate change is real.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Symphony In The Trees

The morning on the valley
Mist shrouds the river, Sun lights the range of ridges
And the birds call to one another

What a beautiful morning full of life and dreams
A solitude rejubilant, a soliloquy reshared
And in the dreaming people meet

In the meeting, people face
In the facing, joy comes to greet to strengthen and resolve
Ardent hearts and minds with Imagination

And in the imagination, Dreaming
To spread worlds with Joy
Like a songbird rejubilant and reshared the world over
From the meadowlark or oriole, to the nuthatch or chickadeedeedee

They fling care into the air and trust to the wind a grace sweet and divine.
The birds singing and worshipping unmeasured time
For songs and for flight,
                  take joy in the sight of the symphony in the trees

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Grass Will Grow Tall

The cats will grow old
One day their fur will become brittle
Legs and eyes will fade

Their teeth will yellow into old age
Their call will become harder to hear
My cats will wander less and sleep more;
And their hearts will grow smaller
As they dream bigger.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Moon's Haloed Sky

The birds sing differently in a city
Three syllables instead of two on Robin's tongue
A brashing grate to a chickadee's call
And the ravens scout not for food, but garbage...

In lanes of space colonies with space-ships
Parked in garages two at a time
And lantern's lit against the eternal darkness
That is perhaps the dark-side, of mankind...

Seas of woe, oceans of sorrow
And the stars seed light to hold back their tide
New life brings smiles and sojourn to God's eye
Worlds keep company across distant space...

We trace back to fish, but also back to one race
With one life, and one love, to keep our pace
And soon we'll all sit on mountain top with God
All having taken different paths up the side...

To find a vale where water runs
Stars at night and smiling sun
My soul goes there to greet some grace
Where do you dream some day of peace?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Boxes of Pathology

On the road to nowhere
A man stopped for a deer
Checked his heart
Checked his car
And motored on towards material worlds
While he left love behind
To find home amongst belongings

He's got his painted walls
And lifted spirit perhaps for having known love
And the wildness carried out from the road to nowhere
In his heart perhaps is more care
Having wondered at it all, Having grown wiser for it

For in what we know, is a box
Trapping mentality of what is normal
Wonder often intuits something is good beyond great
Great beyond time and space
Grace beyond life
Living out there beyond control or design
Just doing their things without much worry
Being their best selves they can be

And to be privvy is a surprise wonderful
And to share makes it all greater

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Elementals In Mind's Eye

Many days adds up to many nights
With the ethereal... really unreal, winding time's clock

To spin tales of creation's veil
Through mid-night dreams and fantasy

The beings meet in-between
From air they slide, and air return
Masters of telepathy, jacks of insight
The aether carries them through to side-real and side-time

They play jokes and come from a planet far
Infatuated and insinuated within our lives, our star
Telling us who they are... "like the best,"
"Grafters" looking for a score

It's not megalomania if one knows they're posing
And so the story goes... and so the story goes...
A fury with a legion in the darkest night,
An elemental with a pick, caught by insight.
Pasts of misuse and broken hearts
A present of sunshine and pleasing stars.
My army leaves without me.

As they just chase a shiny thing of heaven
Left at the end of a tunnel
"Peace on Earth" was all it said,
And left laying after it was found.