Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Heavens Having Stooped

I'm to the movies today
The frantic chase of moonlight
The brief touch of black
The recycled glasses in 3d-sight

It's fun
Who pays what
a paper stub
That fades to nothing
A million or more

Popcorn peppered floor
Sticky pop stained carpet
Dimming lights, staring eyes
Arm-rest sharing and fights

Mom and pop movie nights
Holiday season release
Trips to town pay-per-view
Netflix and Hulu, DVD too

Then home alone or maybe food
With stars in one's eye
And the moon hanging lower
The heavens having stooped to fake you

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Exit Cycle

I want to leave stage left
I'd like a faster than light economy
One wherein we synthesize the iron
For a foundation of galactic empire
I'd like a moon colony, too

Somewhere way out, say Hercules
Lifting grid iron up into sky

And if water is life,
Maybe we can make it...
Take the hydrogen and synthesize oxygen
And back with the gasses we're energizing
Put down and grow up the grasses
Corn, wheat, what have you
And harvest with the electricity
We generated
  making the water for the plants.

The energy of stars
Can take as long as one likes to sow
The world has no end,
     Why shouldn't we go!?

Friday, July 14, 2017

Drippy Moon

The moon so full
It drips into my life
With camera brimming
The moon fills the sight
And down spills some Moon
Bathing the lands of night
Making silver black...
And blue, silver sights

And when we hear the sylvan call
Of chirruping from every bowery
The silence is merely interrupted
By our own footsteps powering
The crush of leaf, the stir of dirt
The brush of branch, the curse of hurt
The dogs of hunt, the cats of meow
A scolding squirrel, an alarming bird

The paths slap back with every footstep
In magic and fantasy, and in science and fiction
Superstition being outpopulated and overcome
Afore they competed, and now lie battle done.
The mystery and dreams are still powered on
But the elves are scattered, the lore despun
Robots and Computers and Machine Guns and Ammo
These, were all but dreams someone loved
For gnomes too dream in Ages of Reason, you.

And so with adieu, the moon drips lower
The crickets grow quiet the night gets colder
And two lives snuggle
                       a little bit closer

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Step-Wise Beginnings

My projekt is not done
Every key opens the door
But only to another door
It is a puzzle piece only leading
To three more pieces when fitted

And like an arduino
This projekt can be built upon
For I guess I'm making tools
To satisfy my pleasure of making

Say I fix my car, now what will I do
Say I make a weather station...
That in of itself won't give me what I want
And the TEG projekt, generates electricity yes,
But where will this carry me in the future

So I'm still left to my own designs
The shed a shed
The supplies a supply
At some basic level, a squirrel preparing for winter
Endlessly running around for little more than survival

And I, a self-described polymath, enjoy the successes
Squirrel-like in my puzzled brain with pumping blood
As I seek acceptance, companionship, and opportunity
Whether that's meteorological, geological, or astronomical.
The physicality of these I cannot escape.
I wouldn't want to, making is release,
And variety is the spice of life.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Portico of Galaxies

A poem a day, will keep my mind playing
Up in heaven, down in clouds
Flying around with ideas bounding
Star to star in nebulae above
Their light gracing sky's earthy love
Their meaning mending with stitches and suture
Our past is the key to better future
Both dreams we've had and lives we've lived; Perhaps,
Waiting for a mate to survive a zombie apocalypse
Or waiting for knocks on the door requesting Gandalf's task
    Billions of stars
Trillions of dreams
And but a few voices within, to keep one company
In an architecture of plurality with wisdom,
justice, tolerance, and my courage speaking
    While the natural world bears us to live...
And all the worlds I've met, all the roads traveled
I like here the best,
    this's where I can find me myself and I.
And though some are fake while they try to be real
  Or some are real while they try to be fake
I spend my days occupied, and played,
  Never being one that has to always escape.
Life isn't hard, but life isn't always easy, either
  No matter how easy going I might appear to you.
I too require water and food, a place to sleep.
  I too need acceptance, companionship, and opportunity.
The problem isn't the type I am,
  but the type you think you are.
It is Mary that Mary cries for.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

All the Tetons Erect

The Earth is not going to last forever
I can only see the future
What is going to happen
Will and can
Man will not be

The land is land
The plant, a plant
But vanity and commonplace, is not
What is, is eternity

The slow grinding of mountains up
And the spread of new weeds abound

This is.
There is no we...
Except in the virtouseness
Of what I can perceive.

Life is.
When we can be.
When we can live,
Well life is what we please.

BUT make no mistake,
The world does not need,


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Star Power

The Fusion Race has been begun
By the Chinese in a 102-second run
On reactor EAST February 3rd, two-thousand sixteen

And like the flight lasting fifty-nine seconds at Kitty-Hawk
This light lasted a hundred and two in China blasting
At 50-million degrees Celsius reacting in Soviet Design
Fusing reaction of hydrogen and hydrogen over and again
Bumping up and fusing atoms with atoms
Melting down, fusing, and releasing energy between the meeting
In chain reaction to create more heat to fuse more fleeing
The whole thing running on heat to beat
The twenty seconds by Princeton's machine

The Age of Fusion has begun
And what star will we explore
What avenues of peace will it light
What roads of war will Fusion ruin
But it is in the hearts of Mankind this resides
In the hearts of men that fight and defend
The rocky road shocked with roses with staff in hand
It is must, to see, with Fusion amongst our lands, now,
And the power of stars within our hearts now playing
Speeding US, speeding people into the future's dream.