Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Techlobytic Needs

My vitamins are an antibiotic
My vaccines a vitamin

If Famines bring Death Disease and War
And War brings Famine Disease and Death
And death, etc.
World War Three is literally skin disease and bone cancer

Let food be thy medicine someone wiser than me thought
Chronicled through the ages in every food cult
A new book, Eat to Beat Disease
Says vitamins are useless, that foods are synergistic...
Synergistic, there's a word to hang your hat on..
An interplay of words making powerful words into Rememberance
perhaps when pertaining to poetry secretly exchanged in privacy.
Like a criminal, in black...

I know not why fungi make the best antibiotics
Perhaps because bacteria have been trying to kill it for millenia
I know not why vaccines become this free ball on a game of pin&flipper
Perhaps because they cost next to nothing to regular treatment

There are questions that contain the answer, they're called problems
Like in Math, unanswerable unless copied down and manipulated
What impossible questions do you have?
Copy them down, make a book so others may take a look
Comment them in, ask you trusted companion

Ask God for all I care
But just know, there doesn't have to be a right answer
Life isn't rocket science
Just know the right answer often seems unimpressive.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Calcitic Existence

The rivers' spring and swollen birth,
The water has broken, new earth.
The valleys are fertile again,
New cries of life as birds return.

Amidst the destruction and dismay...
Comes the strain hardening that failed.
The venn says three,
We are capable of three, before we abandon memory;
And roll back and wake to whatever is happening
For bones heal harder than they broke

The five and seven of it are real,
We experience causation after all...
But perhaps on our myopic scrutiny
Proves false to deconstructions of logic.
Even though, perhaps life builds on the broken
While building both Up and Down for succor.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

An Epic River - a prompt from Poets and Writers

Music on cold Wind
Distant Melodies of Times Past
want of another, windchimes

The voices from the Sky, redoubt
Decisions and acts of earthly domain

I do not always reply, they do not always ask my permission
Trespassing, harassment.. I think they care
while maybe they don't think I matter

The bridge has come and gone, but at least we've awakened to our life
There is now revolution in the air, and burning time scented wind

Death, Disease, Famine, War
These too fill the vacuum of empty countries now
These too scent the winds of ignorance

There is trouble on my left, and trouble on my right
And now the midnight dogs have bitten into innocence
To find their innocence the less for it

And war is hell, again
Much like being illiterate rhymes with ignorance
As the sun rises like it's painted red
But same difference, this is us, too

Unable to read the lines of history
Paying higher prices, For what maybe we've already peaced
But certainly for what we don't know, out

Beyond everything, everyone
Besides that which we think we've figured to know
Out beyond in vast expanses of galactic time&space
In seas of sparse stars and dark, we

Do sail like Schrodinger's cat in space
So open the box, and live!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Expanding Electricity

Electric Universe rides an ocean of photons
With neutrinos tunneling through this sea
Into a nother being whom captures the fleeing neutrino
One of a billion
While the electron sludges along pushing the next one
In their electron seas of metal and conductivity
Our electric sea with nothing, is maybe made of everything

The loop is closed, the strings have died, we get what we give

And vast universe of photonic energy pushes along the next quanta
Until maybe, one day, we tunnel and push a harriet, or victoria, or someone
Space is not empty, it's filled with hydrogen, dust, asteroids, comets
This cosmic energy is shifted because of it
So When the photon pushes forward into the double-slit
Quanta has to go both, because it is behind the experiment
Hasn't reached, hasn't split with quanta pushing the quantum manifest
As both wave and particle dipping and swelling forward, bleeding forward together
So maybe HAS to go both because while expanding, and out forward spout and around
Essentially barely moving about as both wave and particle, according to Maxwell.

Wherefore what tunneled person can come to tout having traveled faster than Space&time!?

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Wintered Memory of Spring

In Summer's Idyll
And relaxed evening
The fruit comes
To bring the feeding

And corn and wheat
And most everything
Efflorescences in their bringing

And what fruit
What grape is grasped
When paycheck or grain
Is at last
In one's pocket or silo has?

What ending?
What beginning?
With labor done, and new plan dawning...
What life is dawning with your love in hand?

It is the night that divides the day
And the day that destroys the night
For life is buried in shit
And the seeds of sorrow are not
But What One Buried to Reap

Our lives, or our hope
Our love, or our jokes
Maybe our yesterday, but certainly...
Our tomorrow

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Diamonds and Diatoms

The voice of wisdom said hi,
And I ignored her advice.
What's she like inside?
Young and beautiful...
Like the prettiest step-sister
A few years younger
Blonde hair, round,
And maybe a bit naive.

Is this the root of our hurt?
When we settle into this life,
With our mental status and/or strife,
Perhaps our youth and stupidity
Outstrip our experience and wisdom.
Still, I'm glad wisdom showed up
For the fun&profit.

And in Time&Space even the voices occupy a mind
Like a book occupies your life
These aren't relived memories
Or even people I know well
Perhaps they're mantles of power
My intuition&feelings wear and war with,
As a book can put you on and/or scare.
As a prophet can inspire their community welfare.
As a movie can shed light even while requiring your mind.
As boxes of logic can prove thought.

And my feelings inform my intuition
And my intuition inform my feelings
And my body talks to my mind, and so forth.
They are materially different bodies, you know.
Ancients would think with their stomach place
The vargus or our second brain to which we satisfy our lives
For belonging, or for hope, with love thrown in,
While atp dust we create powering the ingenuity&happiness.

Arguing with myself is a hell
And my world is anything but monocotyledon
It isn't mono diatomaceous, but millions of remains
That preyed and played with each other,
In one vast soup, all their days,
Left to me like a recipe
To explain the inanity of reality
So as maybe to make poetry&lemonade.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Change the Options or Death

Hydrogen pebble bed reacting mass into liquid gas
Manufacturing economy of travel for passing lanes
Drive down on the free-way in this green-class
We got 15 months of easy payments with approval

And that's why we bought solar panes for our place
Racked up and screwed down and there, hydrogen
We dispense to pumps&collection whom ship when they return empty
But not so empty with hydrogen, It's a bottleneck at gas stations

So they have a fleet, and we have feet to buy groceries
Otherwise, we just heat our houses with electricity
Sunny affair really, We closed the loop through using what we produce
American ingenuity, that pebble-bed reactor, yessir

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Brains Folding in Memory

memories is another word we use for remembering
My remembering has creases in them
Folds where there were remembering
And Folds where there weren't
Because I didn't remember them

I don't remember light-bright with Jill
It was the silver-lining to being locked down.

I don't remember my Mom singing out of tune,
Because her violin was always so, so, beautiful.

These are memories written down and revisitable.
A story telling about something interesting,
But the truth only lasts in the telling,
And remembering the last time I remembered.

I can examine the grape,
And remember how he laughed and played in the sun.
All the friends he had and lost,
All the family of leaves supporting their group.
All the institutions holding up grape to sky
To eternally kiss the rain heaven sent.
But my memory of sweet wine does not hasten them,
The grapes continue to play until days end
When fate is ready to receive them back into earth.

Then they're full grown, they greet the sun
 without memory, without examination
But return rememberance to their grapes clustered with friends
And support them with their wherewithal they command.
This is not a memory I have of vineyards,
These are remembrances of what I remember of my friends
Clustered there under sun, and helping train the course
Of my world, of my height, by what we remember when we learned about life.

And how I've carried myself back into Sun,
And trained my world after near-death
And subsequent burial in shit.
To bring fruit to you!
Merely by remembering the last time I remembered, too.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Digital Pizza in the Stone Age

My Digital Pizza
Comes out the Oven
I press it and make pieces
To share and edify

It's no thing but it's expensive
But in the land of Billionaires
It's cheap if not free
And I like the taste of them
So I keep doing my pizzaria

Some of the regulars
Buy my merchandise
Some of which I like
But could never afford
Because of the awesomeness

I'm searching for the lost painting
The lost song
The lost poem
What if I searched the whole world over
And never looked inside of me for it?
It would be like that guy looking for an honest man
Never realizing he could be what he needed to find.
That's why I make

And my pizza is kind
I think it helps calm in this crazy mixed up time
I think painting or poetry calms me
Like sharing a smile with someone makes me happy.
Like angry music can annoy
Like fantasy can help me escape four walls
And travel the world without a dime in my pocket.

Certainly I do all the work of six men
But I still have to wear seven hats to make ends meet.
So, I'm a misfit, a dreamer, a poet, a painter, a woodsman, a butler, a cook
But a vow of poverty won't pay for freedom.
That's why I try to sell stuff!!!
And that's partially why I have inexpensive hobbies
While trying to run the pizzaria.