Saturday, June 16, 2018


Combustion engines are the new slave economy
Our labor market, our freedom, our electricity
And we pool, puddle, and piddle in our stagnate

where for then, do our thermoelectrics begin?
where is the solar panel and direct generation?
where is fusion and our faster than light drive engine...

They are at the bottom of the lake
Sunk, begging to begin
To birth new invention and new industry, again,
While we wallow in cheap labor

Should they rise up, we'd need no empire
And we... could descalate our calamity!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Thermo Electrics

I am lost to words
They hold me now, but...
I was searching online for someone,

And instead of one I found an other
A mysterious women accomplished and erudite
And I'm like, dang, haven't met her.

I am lost to worlds
One holds me now, but...
I was searching online for universe

And instead of one I found an other
A mysterious earth accomplished and knowledgeable
And I'm like, dang, haven't explored this.

I am lost to space-time
Fabric holds me now, but...
I was searching online for miracles

And instead of one I found multitudes
A mysterious magic that slacks in low-band-pass
And I'm like, dang, why slave labor?

I am lost to existence
Feelings hold me now, but...
I was searching online for audience

And instead of one I found you
A mysterious engine that stagnates with the rest of us
And I'm like, dang, let's revolutionize industry

Friday, June 8, 2018

No Such Thing as Expanding Dark Energy

The Earth is a low-band pass
Maybe space-time is, too.

On Earth's wars are fought with weapons by the lowest bidder
High-energy p-waves become long wave p-waves
Stereo systems sound better on reproduced tapes with bass
Longer wavelengths travel farther, like Ham and AM
Easier things are done more frequently, like Video Games instead of Reading

So wouldn't this make sense the Universe... is a low-band-pass filter?
And one's dark energy, is another man's hydrogen(or dust), shifting things red.
Air, Earth, Water, Fire  act in this way, so does Space-Time!
So below as in Heaven, no?

Sunday, May 20, 2018

One day they won't take and excuse themself

This is not the science that saves me...
This life learning laughter and love that builds me
I fail at perfect, haven't been and what is science?
Best practice and knowledge, perhaps.
I am because I follow intuition, in bed and shit yesterday...
And that is heart that reacts and mind predicts, you know.

I know not why I'm dead,
too much booze or loneliness
I killed my television and microwave, so
That can't be done.

And the haters hate
Lovers gonna make, craft, create
While the rest of the world spends it's own destruction
Wherefore is the peace in buying one's stairway to heaven.

One such as I can't foretell
History is written as much as mitigated by the victor
I know not whom got rich selling bullets
For I fight for acceptance, companionship, and opportunity

And all the good, better, and rather-thans still open
While clowns invade my privacy and domicile
I haven't a secret in my easy going except who I am
Money harasses, and women judge...  I am not my own anymore

My life is what it is, the life of everyone trapped in poverty or class struggle
We speak of third-world countries and world banks
I am a nation without a rose, and will be
I die now alone.
But life is the present, the gift, secret, and key.
For we each live on in our own way.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Lost Saturday

I played the Ungame with my parents.
It was hard reading the question because there was know card.
My Dad had a proxy torwards the end of the game.
Mom has passed away but she played the best she could.

It was fun!  i half-made up the questions I wanted to ask.
But they were printed on the paper, so they believed me.

I wish Dad didn't quit.  But at least I found out some things.

The hardest part was moving furniture to play the ungame.
We didn't use to have the easy chair where we sat.
We did sit on the ground.  It was easier than playing in the dark,
Where one is all the same height.

I wish only that I could concentrate longer.
My Parents Are Such People!
I had fun finding them!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Northface on Exposure in Avalon's Wakening

A little bit of tea rests undrunk:
the bugs are waking with the spring
the birds, too, eating them
as the bugs are eating the plants
and the bees will find nectar.

what spring of my tomorrow, rises
i'm smart and funny, but alas
I am alone, single, annealed
or unwanted
a sexy killer with a blue dick
A blue face from praying to God
A blue hand and pants from painting lonely skies.

There is a tomorrow;
There was a yesterday, afterall.
my here and now is material
and existential problems with no solution
Where did all my red roses go

My daisies sit that I bought for myself
Daffodils finally bloom in the garden
The monster of mischief comes with scissors
I water them, but then they're thinned, gone, and given.
What flowers, the sky gone dark with my pining.
I rise, I sleep, I dream awake of tomorrow's tomorrow
A plan of craft and construction and conservation
While my Gods steal all that is money from coffers,
Rewarding me with what he has thieved from mine.

My love broken into rubble has turned blue again
Without acceptance or companionship
Leaving Opportunity to wilt while I wonder way.
There are abundant forests, and fruitful imagination
They graze-like by roadside while one slows for their progress.
Some feathered, some hairy-beasts of four legs,
And some shadowed so heavily by hunger, they eat pavement.

Oh! inspiring messengers of Nature's calling!
Why is coexisting with an Other so fraught with prudence and caution.
And why Must we isolate so as to Love and Share!
Love should not be so confidential, nor sharing so jealously guarded!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Oh love, i love you, too

i know not where the shift went to,
Seems a dead thing that whispers here i am
i can not find me, i can not find, i am incomplete

i want you to tell me you want me
i tell you want i want you
there is no echo in my life
i love you, but where are you

and when the stars sing and dance
how come that is too much
and when our souls match
why is there nothing left

i know not where my love went
But i love you, and i want and need you!