Saturday, April 26, 2014

MPR News

Money, Power, Respect
love it, or leave it

Tools of the richer than you
whom treat us as fools

The Market trend goes up
as carrying capacity expands

With our children's domestication
indenturing the houses of the holy

With our own entrainment of dependence
upon the company store

With our own entrainment
for wealth accumulation

As a river cuts least resistance
the theory is we can pipe it to Los Angelos

Or is it Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, Omaha
where the rats and cats eternally battle

Over channel flow
for crops, drinking, product, and sport

And it is a sport to think the NYSE will always go up
when we start trading airconditioners as currency

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Judgement of Golgatha

Jesus was crucified
on a stick with 3 nails
To his left or right
was a sinner
and a repentent sinner,
himself, a dissident.

Jews daily ignore the law
they do not stone anyone anymore
they daily kill the palestinians
They forgo animal sacrifices
Wouldn't this make them the sinner, then.

Christians daily eat meat.
From their testament,
the reason for exile from Eden...
for consuming carnal knowledge
from the tree of knowledge.
And every month they repent
and ask forgiveness for being sinners.

Islam protests western influence
The world calls it fundamentalism
but also terrorism, because people die
and also we call it dissonance
or at least dissent
from a new world order's vision.

History repeats itself, so they say
What will be the cost?
For Jesus was not a Christian
Muhammad was not a Muslim
Their religion was Love,
And they turned that corner
to the benefit of all
hearts within Hearts.