Monday, December 13, 2010

Maybe fools come in twos

forgetting was yesterday
today we must open the present
to find the layers of the pearl peeled back in....
... ruin ...
or just love it for what it is
a pearlescent shining of a rainbow
arcing to bridge space and time
like a dance on a thousand rain drops
or a shot of whisky in your coffee
(we wouldn't do so bad to imitate that)
sometimes things aren't so complicated
sometimes they're rude
but know this
it's more about them than it is about you
the hate, the greed, the ambition, the pride...
do good works

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Donations please

God Save the Spring

The mountain sparrow
sings to the moon
the rock pica sings to spring
A thousand things awaken
with the cycle of the seasons

The mountain sparrow
small and gleeful
like spring itself
flitters with energy
from branch to branch to seed

Singing to the moon
cycles time itself
a communion with the sojourn
a communion with the self
bringing home solstice solace of the soul

The rock pica sings to the spring
echoing off the rocks
barking that marks
even the unseen accompanies
the wilderness in it's solitude

A thousand things awaken
from hibernation, from death
the flame of life accustomed to this hardship,
unfolds it wings from slumber
to soar above the barren to the cities in the sky

The cycle of the seasons, the four doors to eternity
through one, the dormant awakens
through two, the juvenile play
through three, wisdom takes and sows
through four, time itself forgets

The mountain sparrow
like spring itself
brings home solstice solace of the soul.
The flame of life accustomed to hardship
with wisdom takes and sows
until one steps through the door where time itself forgets

Cradle to Cradle

Time forgets,
the seeding rots,
the water stagnates,
and the frog

In the seasons passing
all those lives
that built the cities
glowing in the sky
at sunset time,
time forgets.

The seeding rots
when wisdom is no longer guided
but returned to the earth
to feed again the shade
that protects the wise

The water stagnates
from a creating role
to a supporting one
in the pond
with frogs and fish and lilies

The frog hibernates
the water freezes
the sap returns to root
and the cities in the sky
lift a little higher than before

Time forgets
those that lifted the cradle
to protect the wise,
from a creating role
to one of supporting,
and the cities in the sky
lift a little higher than before