Friday, December 12, 2014

Octopi Galaxi

A Man sits typing
Host to a world inside
All he's found and created
But also that which creates him

Upon a planet
Host to a World of Animals, Plants, and Minerals
Turning through the power of Love
Through an Orbit as a unit before space and time

Within a solar system
Of Major and Minor Planets
As Major and Minor organs
Through their circulatory orbits
Beating the pulse of life, as well

While traveling as part of a galaxy
Around and around as part of an arm
Or node of life like a neuron in an Octopus
We seek out the world, distant, unable to grasp ourselves

As part of another pluralistic Universe
With major and minor organs
Circulating the stuff of dreams
Living, Learning, Loving, Laughing with it all!

And in the middle of this?

A blog created and found
With it's ideas flowing
And major functional parts Composed...
and mostly vanity and materialism
With only...
    it's good deeds following you to the grave.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Slumbering Campfire Songs

The Hills
Are sleeping giants
With veins in their matrixed Layers.
Up around heaven gods breath sweeps down
And layers clouds in the sky and ground

Underlow, annhilation keeps warm the mountains heart
And before that an arrowed river flows
Both ways with but one single past.

And my past
My past is my own future
Those sleeping giants
And mysterious lands
So quiet as I listen to their still
And beating hearts

I should take comfort in their company
I should hike and explore
Work harder, heal faster
Plant more

But it is winter
It is winter
Wherein most things sleep
Or conserve their energy
A little more towards what's necessary
And less towards delusion.

Friday, December 5, 2014

If Toy Guns Were A Victory

In an electric economy
We dream of the big play
A strike of a lightning chain
Come down and stored round
in some chamber underground

And with it, economy cycles
From product design to Landfill supply line
When we renew, reuse, and redesign
Both for simplicity, but safety
And maybe mobility and payworthy

How much simpler could hydrogen get?
It's split from water using electricity...
With propane synthesization.
Made from hydrogen and carbon dioxide.
For mobile fuel and direct action
Less intense than hydrogen handling.

But what do I know:
Easy to handle
Already usable
Easily made? trade secret...

Well lets say we have solar power
Running day and night splitting water
And with a small supply of cO2
Out spits a propane tank for you to:

Run that weedwacker and trim the hedge,
Fill a bus for the neighborhood kids,
And Autogas to get some groceries,
Or Cooking gas for your stove when you get home.

And yes it comes from electricity, this propane
From a solar panel out back with a couple of batteries.
Splitting the water and compressing the air
On a cell-phone-like tower of power near-by
Instead of over the county line, and far away, bye.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rob Poor to Give to Rich

War, I see warr up North, War down South
And Justice being beaten caused he resisted arrest
Dragged to ground, and I feel hancuffed and helpless to absorb some of the blows
I see razing and raining down
On my friend Justice.
     Those who serve and protect is us.
We, who would pay some one else to do it.
We, because they aren't doing it right.
     Whitey isn't serving and whitey isn't protecting everyone...
Because all I see is war.  And war never changes.  But I would know Peace, I like peace,
Peace is all that and a book of poetry  supporting computer tablets.
Why, Peace is a beer after a day of too much excitment.  3 cheers for beer!
And Peace, Freedom, Equality, Liberty, and Justice
Are all being raped in the name of Security.

Why? because he isn't serving and protecting.  And I know this can be hard to swallow, but after whitey is done with the folks in Ferguson, he's coming after me... and then he's coming after, You!