Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Someday Sunday

The people around me, watching,
Not all(entirely) curious.
Some cause they were told to.
Some cause they're just around.
Some judgementally...
Some cause they're called to it.

But we're always hardest on family
Mine like to settle scores...
To zero out the hate with hate.
But whom ever really adults except a parent.
Not my brothers, not my sisters...
When they can so easily borrow my delusion,
To believe they're fixing broken by breaking more.

Typically how gang-lands wars start,
Or football games.
Who's carrying the retribution.
Who's got the bomb, blow them up.
Until the money runs out.. tick-tock..

I hardly know all the faults of my family
But they're all there
Just as well.
Nobody has ever expected someone to be perfect,
Except hypocrits

All is well then with my brothers and sisters...
Cause aren't they so loving!?
Why do I have to be perfect?
And why must they change their clothes after church?

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Profits One Paves are the Paths We Follow

If there's no way to save your gains
                                       in the stockmarket play...

isn't that like putting a penny in an arcade machine

                     till you're out 10 bucks

                                             having had a great time,
                                                         since we keep nothing when we die?

Monday, March 6, 2017

Eating an Climatic Elephant

Have you ever made something piecemeal,
The box comes, the designs laid
But saving, saving, saving.. then grade assembled

Have you ever cooked a four-course meal
The platter comes, the recipes picked
But cooking, cooking, cooking... then horse-cart eat

Have you ever said you were sorry
The convo comes, the remedy made
But explain, explain, explain... then staid rest

Have you ever cleaned an entire house
The people start, the surfaces wiped
But declutter, declutter, declutter... then preeningly smile

Have you ever painted a landscape
The idea sketched, sky and land colored
But layer, layer, layer... then placard hang

Have you ever met a monday
The week ahead, the groceries bought
But labor, labor, labor... then partially play

Have you ever wrote a chapbook
The poems picked, the book laid out
But cut, cut, cut... then stole fat-look

Have you ever hiked a mountaintop
The map gotten, the trail followed
But step, step, step...  then piked shout off

Have you ever loved me
The smile given, time spent with
But hug, hug, hug... then doves' ring

Have you ever flown in dreams
The ground everywhere, then missing it
But racing, racing, racing...  then lost coffee