Sunday, July 29, 2012

Feeling Rational

When I step into the dark
I step into me
I don't know what I feel
I don't know what I'll say or do

in search of mystery
out in the dark night
I've become the biggest
mystery of all
only knowing what I've wanted
in the past's saying or doing

The darkness bleeds
from under my eyelids
and I'm left wondering
if the birds that visit my tree
have any paper or pens
so that I may compose
a few thoughts
before wanting, saying, or doing
that I'd rather not
be accomplice to

There's no end to every action
whole continuums have been erased
by this Bull pine in a china shop
dropping pinecones.

and so maybe I wear a chalkboard
to say the things I DO Want to say
Do not gawk, I'm only trying to live

Saturday, July 14, 2012


The hungry penguin
searches the seas
for something interesting
a bright light
that glimmers
under the water

Swimming he glides
and getting
to the waters edge
not so much

but the swimming
peeling past
the hungermomfs
and sleekers
is sometimes done
with the greatest of ease

and so much water
to grace the skies
and so much beach
to settle on
I can not resist
the urges to use it


The mad dash past sharp sharks
draws a light withdrawn and melancholy
for thinking and dinking around productively
in the oceans seas
seems like so much work
after such a brush with finality.

Where comes impetus
to change what you do
rather than to
change circumstances
of oceans blue.

From you
must vision gleam
of detrimentality
and Your soul
towards lives
of hope & love

through intuition

to faith
 dreaming hearts