Monday, December 26, 2011

It's Christmas

A tree melts to green
from the snowy winter coat
The pagan sacrifices end
and the giving begins

A brand new Season
in which days begin
to lengthen
The Worlds gift to us-
the promise of another year,

and proof we can't read each
others minds

the winter besets
leaving us to our privacy
of chasing candy cane lanes
to melt on the floor
sticky with each footstep
towards Hawaii

Till spring dreaming cleans once again
the avenues

Thursday, December 1, 2011

To The Ends of Time

The decadence of taxes
Is a rainbow of ten-thousand
Bridging Space & Time
In a glowing span of spectacle

One color fades into the next
Until each fly a million miles
But only upon occasion

While the serpent rides the winds of war
To break such promises of peace
Spreading claws to rake the young and the virgin

The spoils of war?
Useless until the fires burn out
And the woald turns green again

All that was built
All that was grown
All that was proven
Rubble- but in the hearts of Men

It may damn well be the taxes of humanity
To watch people suffer and/or die
Let us keep hope and thrive

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Springs of Man

The Rivers of Eon flows towards Metropolis,
to feed its aqueducts of Nature and Industry-
springing fountains to cascade brilliantly
in Markets and Man, civilizations last stand.

We stand on a bridge of rainbows on a path through
an orchard that brings gladness from ripe apples
Yonder is Hawking Market wherein robots sell their latest,
and further on the return path to the beginning of creation.

We tarry watching the River Eon to spy on goldfish and cat-tails
that grow wild like a sideways witch-
The rainbow bridge takes but only a moment, but saves an eternity
so we continue to savor the air under Apple that stands tall-
-er than Oak in the wastelands beyond Metropolis' gated walls.
A few warbles from a wren nearby lights up the bridge
to glowing, wavering green, pulsating to its soliloquy.

Hearts full, we continue to the other bank wild
with crazy cat-tails sprouting onto a path amidst,
and out into the orchard. We walk to the sound
of heavy apple planting themselves and
ten-thousand deer scattering the seed.

Feet-sore, we come to Hawking Market
to be pressed back by glaring plantations of billboards and infomercials.
A million lights blink and hum overhead as people crawl over each other
amidst billboards and robotic overlords and carnival rides set up.

We duck into a movie theater and wait in line to buy a ticket
for a romantic comedy of errors, The Lady of Mazes. At the end, a lottery
number pops up on the silver screen and Triton, my friend, wins ownership
to a central vending machine which means both work AND money.

Leaving the movie, we dodge and crawl
to program the business method of it.
Triton babbles on about his good-luck on the way
and I comment how awesome it is to be in the BUSIness district.

Approaching, it recognizes Triton's silver wrist bracelet he's holding out
“Root Access” blinks big and red from the front panel;
Triton quickly plugs in his AI from a small memory stick-
weeks later he'll be able to buy another hydraulic magneto
to run another vending machine.

Triton is lucky he got a break-in product
that will seed itself like a stellar big-bang.
I return home to drink a beer and sew up the tears
in my torn retina.

Monday, November 14, 2011

To Be Fed by Hay

Of Life's Mystery
Everything was known
It was all so simple
so needed no simplification
adding to my smile a dimple...

Man, either a spiritual animal
or a materialistic one
focused either on Nature
or Industrial Suns

Nature flows to man as
Industry flows to marketing
Everything else a field
of force fields guarding
and returning to source
that is, Industry and Nature
of course
an electro/magnetic dipole

Of life's gravity
Cities, States, Countries
Men and their families
A solar systemic galaxy

Of monies nuclear attraction
protons, neutrons,
gluonic satisfaction
exchange of stability

Of taxes' radioactive decay
of income, property, and sales
a nuclear breakdown
of relative particles too large

Man navigates all this
like the bison
ranging 18,541 acres
Penned off and limited by industry
and corporate lobbying
Only free to explore
outside the means to work
within the limits of work,
or copper ore, or road corridors
farms, and Nations mutualism.
And these are our fences.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Cyser of My Eye

As the river unwinds past cities
-it enters the aqueduct pipelines-
to which it feeds into Nature and Industry
powering magneto gunmetal
as well as orchard petals,
creating different beasts

The apple leads to Man supreme
-that plan-suited conqueror-
a creation of monstrous necessity
feeding off the nectar
predicting the vector,
and plants the Appleseed as investing

The electricity leads to Markets' steam
-that profit-robotic business method-
a creation of monstrous greed
eliminating freewill
while gaining mills,
and buys businesses for expanding

I would argue our power is only lent
-but that's not the truth of it-
bursting greed has always been inside, pent
greed begets greed
as seed begets seed,
Let us drink a glass of mead, and mend

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Power to the People

The industry drives the market
supplies it with material
so does nature supply man
in matters spiritual
and thus all progress is made

Supplying the market with material
meters supply and demand
so that economics becomes synonomous
with materialism
and consumerism is bred

So does nature supply man
with houses like a beaver,
made of sticks,
and roads like the deer and elk
with webs of transportation

In matters spiritual
who can say what way is close to God
but close to God is the way
and thus empty of expectation
can one receive the present

And thus all progress is made
industry manufacturing the material
nature growing the spiritual
with all thought, a great tree,
bending to the winds of time

Industry grows like money
much like Nature, grows like God
and all the questions of the universe
reduce to, can we make it through this
for a present of progress

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The rock strains
melodies of the past
histories pains
placating stresses
that deform
and store
for us to tease and glean
the secret lore
from whence it came

Monday, February 21, 2011

Old is an attitude

I feel like a teenager
unsure of my new feet
always tripping on myself
as I quit these cigarettes
If I had one prayer
it would be to see the light

unsure of my new feet
I grow unbounded it seems
new body, growing mind
growing health growing attitudes
growing hair to dislikes

always tripping on myself
because the shoes don't fit
wasn't the big feet
but that I needed to buy
two sizes too big

I quit these cigarettes
like a sailor finding a port
tired of the taxes
and becoming poor
acclimating to land

If I had one prayer
it would be to brainwash me
so I merely didn't believe the illusion
rather than creating a hell
to wallow in
Allen Carr anyone?

To see the light
is to see beyond the veil
making a connection
between the spirit of things

I feel like a teenager
I grow unbounded it seems
or at least two sizes too big
Tired of becoming poor
and being brainwashed
is to see beyond the veil.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Much like a rock hound

to be a beer hound
is much like a rock hound
but almost too easy
to fall off the cliff
your digging
if you try swatting
all the back biting bugs
Broke my ankle once.

Like a rockhound
there's many ways of going about
but ya gotta stop and say hello
or there's no beer to flow
no rock to cut & polish
when ya get home

Falling off a cliff
is not fun flight
not only does it end abruptly
It's torture trying to walk
back to your abode
to fix it up.

The back biters,
ya swat, they come
ya swat, they come
ya swat, they come
friggin bugs
if sin is disease
then bugs are the diplomats
of the devil
repellance keeps you healthy
as well as happy

In your digging
you gotta stop and say hello
to those your friends with
or there's no rock to cut and polish
when ya get home
for all your swatting at bugs
and trying hard to think repellant thoughts.
Blessed is he who comes in the name of deet.

The progress of Man

The progress of man
is slowest at communication
All the change in the world
can come too quickly,
if he can't learn what it is.

Slowness in communication
is an easy thing to digest.
The unlearnable is the complex
Which is just an easy thing...
not explained well.

All the change in the world
is constantly growing a new body
for society...
refreshing the forgotten patterns
and making young children out
of old men with the same ideas

which if in coming at us too quickly
we lack the time to digest properly
And so, those with the least time left
need the most in hand as there's
a million things in their mind
that have to make room for the new thing
to fit,
both likes and dislikes
have to take second fiddle.

The progress of man
is an easy thing to digest
It is a constantly renewing society
with the last becoming first
in a refreshment of forgotten patterns
to drink in at the speed of life
with your likes and dislikes sometimes
having to take second fiddle
if you don't know what something is.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

opportunity knocks

Let technology create opportunity
much as your possesions don't own you
let them not dictate your lifestyle
let them not smother you with their importance
break free
break free and fly fleet of soul
not weighed down by material things
their status, their preoccupation for more
and be loved outside of consumerism
less, less, less
instead of more, more, more

It's quality instead of quantity of family
that determines whether you end up in jail
More inmates declare they were abused as a kid
than less

quality, not quantity of your food
for the same reason we like flavorful cooking
over tasteless food

quality, not quantity of your ideas
for the same reason we prefer intelligence over ignorant ramblings

quality, not quantity of your peace
for the same reason I'd rather have a heartfelt hug
than a lifetime of indifference

and with less we may see the true value of what we have
and stressing that in our lives
rather than stress something totally inconsequential.
Stress things that enrich your life that one may understand fully
the quality of it would probably expand
rather than buying into many of something you've never figured out
just quite how to use fully
Make your own life accessible to yourself
by discarding the consumerism that caused you to buy so much stuff.
Discarding the packaging the present has arrived in

Sunday, January 16, 2011

SteepleJack Beer

32 downloads of a book
32 proof, 16% alcohol by Volume
4 squared dancing angels on the head a pin
and two starving artists hungry for more poetry
to stuff into bottles and cans
to fill their bellies with
to light their way ahead
to power their gravitas
and the magnetic induction in their brows.
Of the two, one always waits
while the other reads patiently.
But both create the dipole moment
one with industry, the other with merchantability
and without ever exchanging a single thing
but by merely being who they are
create a moment... shared...
that can make a pauper or a king
a rich man
or even heal the blind