Friday, September 30, 2016

Ain't No Box of Chocolates

The trees cathedrally hold up the sky
Columns reaching and reaching and crowning up
Where clouds rest on top full of oxygen
And water and water and water floating
Where dynamos generate more for storage
Below trees power dynamos in photosynthesis
While fungus underneath powers all through ground swell
Fixing the bits of nitrogen, iron, and phosphate viddles
In order to hold up the ground.

Here life grows
Each grass stalk is a column with foot and capital
To grasshoppers, ants, and mites alike... in forest-like
Prairie where the hawks sweep and deer graze

Here life grows
Each water way spreading its crown into ocean
It's roots clinging to rock, plain, and forested locus
Rivers rivule through time building steadfast through reinvention

Here life grows
Each clump stuck floating its peaks into space
The rests of our rocky-built houses and our shadows cast down
Continents push this way and that way laterally in angst

Here life grows
Each aster burning on its sojourney's path
Fuses and roots into heat crowning up radiate to shine in heavens' holding
Stars... float on... ribbed by the worlds upon worlds they support

Trees hold up the sky, and hold up mankind
Keeping us warm, keeping us sheltered
And cry sometimes.. calling the rain
Both for our victory gardens And wells
So life may continue on for all of us

While deserts surrounding are held at bay
To keep the storm and the stone to itself.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Old Mother Hubbard Lived in a Shoe

Is it narcissistic to think and understand
About life, about you, about what you do
I looked down and saw myself in a shoe
Being used by other people to stay warm and comfortable
Caring very little for me, perhaps, as they walked on me
A slave to their enablement, complicit in their desire
And totally diseased because of all it...

But that's the conceit, probably the truth more lies
I am more using myself... for this
As often I am neglected by others and left in the box
Society has labeled me with,
                  and verily ignored routinely
For I am my own best company these days.

Others would probably prefer a maid or a butler
Someone to cook for them and later get in bed
Someone whom knew interesting facts about the French
And impeccably dressed themselves, perhaps in black.
And lace, and lace, and laces holding their breasts together
Up the front and back, and knee high boots wrapping...

I'm told I'm simple and slow, that's the narrative told
Fact is I usually just don't care, or care to interfere
OR perhaps actually enjoy the peculiarity a little more than most
And so haven't the skills or impetus to manipulate other people...
Because that would mean, manipulating their emotions, the way to psychopathy

Ever read, "How to Win Friends and Influence People," my dear?
Dale Carnegie wrote that and was given to me twice,
Along with Dick Clarks guide to grooming.  Yaa, pathology! NOO
They have to use words like ADD, OCD, SCHx, Depressed for those under the rug.
Those, us... that see life as somewhat broken and are disillusioned
Perhaps By all the self-serving crap surrounding us day-in-and-out.
Or Maybe we just have purple bones that won't go like yours colored pink or blue.
Or maybe mine are green and gold, or chromed admantium, you get the know.

No, I'm not really simple or slow.  But I may like simple and I like it slow
I like spreading on a hammock with a cat on my lap
I like drifting in a boat with rod and reel.
I like reading at my own speed.
I like painting things no one needs.
I'm thankful for this blog that I don't have to feed.
I like spending my time on unforced people, places, and things
For often the whole wide world is bigger than me, bigger than my vote
And bigger than the scheeming of multiple people or even jokes
That cover up tears real people are shedding.

Monday, September 26, 2016

In the Lovelands Star Cluster

There is a moving
that stirs faint no very soft
A dream, a hope designed
And designated then defined and drawn
Drawing from wellspring, the dream is live-birthed
To scream and wail in discontent
But suckled back into safety of dream
After norocord is severed from the birthing.
And held, and cleaned, and loved, and held some more...

An ineffably small model of me, perhaps
Or one monster come to swallow all.
For from the drawing comes double-breasted delight
In coloring in the details for which to swoon
Everytime suckled upon that nipple harderned at tender grasp
And twisted in folding need to at long last rest one's task
For food folks and fun, perhaps or... gold gods and guns...
While we live, learn, love, and laugh on Plan A T_erra Firma in the Lovelands Zoo.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The End

The seven signs were unmiraculous
Oil platforms flooded the ocean
A hurricane in NYC flooded the subway
Viruses ran through our blood from mosquitoes
A sinkhole in Florida polluted an aquifer
Fracking reactivated Oklahoma's fault lines
Lead pipes were used for drinking water
Oh, And the polar ice caps melted in 10 years

We survived that!!

What nearly killed us though was
The World War Three-  Disease
People either got too much or not enough vaccinations
We ran out of effective antibiotics
Businesses jacked up the prices of medicine
And paranoia over GMO's kicked the can over
While waitresses went broke if they stayed home from colds.

So here was everybody running around with runny noses
Unable to pay for any prescription medicines for chronic conditions
And scared all the time whether or not they were slowly being poisoned
When the germs sickened...

Nobody knows what caused World War III, because it wasn't the bombs,
But we do know there was more than one and more than one type.
The women noticed first, 1 in 6 started getting lumps in their breast,
Then men's prostrates were the next to go.
There were rumors it was just the aluminum in everything causing cancer
But it spread, silently killing millions, some killing themselves by fasting.

We started sanitizing food with 254nm UV lights to break down pesticides and germs
We washed our hands a thousand times and washed the doorknobs, too.
At first it wasn't contagious, but that's when it was a cancer.
The day World War III started was the same day a news article appeared in my paper
"Is It The End Of Anti-Biotics?" the headline proclaimed!

It took the whole world in the end, 7.6 billion people, now 4 billion
4 billion hungry people ended up 2 billion starving
And of those that somehow managed not to get sick
Continued fighting, stealing, and cheating
Consequently, the diseases spread faster, and people starved even more.
And starving people get sick easily without proper nutrition.

Finally, without international trade happening, the diseases stopped spreading
The bees came back and started pollinating again,
The birds sang sad soliloquies amongst the decay and rubble,
But the Empires every nation built were toppled, and again humankind had to act nice
And once again respect others, And be kind,

Again the world went on, after that... at the speed of life.
With what small victory gardens remained and children that survived childbirth.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Upland Sciencing Regulations

It is illegal to loan or transfer your license to science
To another person or use a license issued to another person.
Or carry or have physical control over another persons license.
Or alter a license to science or permit for any reason.

Computers may not be used to locate science projects
For the purpose of: sciencing them on the same day,
After a person has been scoping them out, or
Providing information to another person sciencing on the same day.
The use of webcams or robots for the purpose of locating,
Purchasing, or sciencing in the Biglands, Uplands, or other areas
Under the Management of the USA during commision-established
Sciencing seasons is prohibited.

Electronic projects can only be scienced using
Multimeter, or soldering iron, or breadboard,
Or voltage regulator plug-in power-pack,
Or batteries, or logbook, or notepad.

Solder must be lead-free

All sciencers and book-worms are required by law
To stop as directed at all designated check stations on their
Way to and from sciencing and reading areas, even if they have
No projects or books to be checked.

The Possesion limit of projects is 3
And the magic number of Three
Is the Projects you shall have

It is illegal to waste parts after sciencing
Parts suitable for other projects include:
resistors, transistors, capacitors, IC, and LEDs
And must be kept and not left on workarea after sciencing.

All projects being transported should keep at least one IC
For identification.

It is illegal to hire a guru that isn't registered
With the Rural Upland.

Science Orange Requirement-  Burning another sciencer
while swinging the soldering iron on a project is the leading
Cause of sciencing-related accidents in the upland.  Although
Not required it is strongly recommended that all upland project sciencers
Wear at least an orange pocket protector or safety glasses to reduce the chance
Of an accident.

No tri-corders are allowed during sciencing except
For unrelated conversation and emotional support, and health.

To science in upland on a private technical college,
Sciencers must possess a valid upland sciencing license
Or a 9-month sciencing college license.

National parks are closed to sciencing
National Whitelands Reservations are closed except those areas
Designated open to public sciencing.  For sciencing opportunities
on National Whitelands Reservation, inquire at the local refugee office.

Railroads and railroad right-of-ways are private property
And may not be scienced upon without permission, nor should
They be used as access to areas one can science upon.

It is unlawful to use any pre-built or electrically simulated projects
or imitations of projects to assist in the sciencing, building, or construction
Of any invention except deconstruction, MUA 97-3-404.

Base Sciencing License:
                       Resident 10$ Non-resident 15$
Education                        8$                       10$
Upland Projects          7.50$                     110$
                          (ages 18-61)         (18 and over)
Flatlanders      A valid "Resident of the Flatlands
Permit             Use Permit" with a valid Flatland
                        Project Stamp will be honored by Upland
                        Wherever Sciencing of Upland is lawful
                        In USA.  Check with Flatlands at
                        406-555-0123 ext. 2600 for details
3-day Sciencing                                       57.50$
                                         3-day license for non-
                                         residents.  The license is
                                         not valid for transmitters
                                         at any time or for RF of any kind
                                         during the opening week of sciencing season
9-month                                                       20$
Technical                          Alternative to an Uplands
College                          Sciencing License for
License                         Non-residents whom wish
                                    To Science only on
                                     Technical Colleges(Private)