Saturday, September 27, 2008

Me and My Truck

The manifold of sustainability
lingers on hopes and dreams,
yearnings.. steaming beans,
that only widespread change can meet
The gov'ment, the voice of change
the guiding hand
the prince of lanes
whom directs traffic down avenues

Me and my truck is all I have
I can screw in a lightbulb
but where is the love
to make me stronger
to fly like a dove
to fly through the canyon
with a gallon of bioamplification

we can eat our disease
or we can make it clean
full of life in balance
teaming with frogs
and bugs that pollinate making honey
and wildflowers that harvest the sight
as wolves bite out the sick and overpopulated
Let us be wolves and bite out the waste and overconsumption
before the economy of ecology collapses beneath our feet