Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Brawn, Brains, and Beauty

The meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything
used to be like oil and its inky reserve
Dug for with laser focus
to box up in barrels for portable digestion
The great resevoirs of Earth Power
vacuumed, cracked, and sacked
for motivational speeches
by chemical robots preaching freedom.
In their growling voices they dictate our options
putting prices on our freedom
putting a price on their company
In any case as worlds are changed
for the worse from exhalation of C02
each time they start growling down byways
in every boring place and remembered days.
The chemical motornation produces climate change.

And new meaning rises like clockwork
upon silicon robots that direct all singing
and play and pretty much everything
replacing most all chemical machines
as engines of silicon drink electrons
putting too a price on their company
as our freedom in honest mistakes shrinks
where suddenly for the sake of COOrdination
how and what we're supposed to do
is dictated by unfeeling timing
of silicon clocks COOrdinating
and we no longer get to choose
Wherein, If choice is freedom,
then COOrdination is a form of slavery
as surely as bonds of routine and obligation
dictate that we have fewer and fewer choices.

We ourselves are a machine
more wonderous, mystical, and living
than anything hereto possible
producing CO2 AND COOrdination
within and outside our bodies
to escape the deep freeze
of poverty, crime, and ignorance
in self-important lives
and hypocritical lies.
Me, you, and everyone
deserves independence from these
to shine like a star-child.


  1. Some unique ideas here Vic. Liked the analogy to oil in your work. Thanks for sharing with me.


  3. And also the next generation fighting the BORG, right?