Monday, April 3, 2017

Elegy for my Mother- Lynne Vosen. 1943-2014

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My Mom used to sit and fold laundry watching soaps.
I'd sit there with a toy car,
                wondering, "what's wrong with them."
And later she'd sit and play video games on iPad.
The same gap-toothed smile when she'd look over,
The same dark-eyes full of depth and caring
                wondering, "will his life be better than mine."

And I have that gap tooth, though with surgery,
          you'd wonder where it went to.
I thought her beautiful for it really
When we'd go to ceramics, or service, or shopping
She'd smile as if to say, "like me or not, I'm still happy."
Or scowl, "like me or not, I'm still mad," if I'd been bad.

And all through her life she took that smile, those deep eyes,
Seeing and speaking to the inner truth of things and of you.
Making home, making music, making right again things she could
And making certain things didn't go wrong, both for her and for you.

And with a small gap between her front teeth,
                              She'd smile and laugh and joke
To leave one knowing the world isn't so screwed up
                              With people like her in the world...
Leaving one knowing everything doesn't have to be perfect to be right

Leaving one knowing they're loved,
                              Just for being them.

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