Thursday, September 26, 2013

Atoms of Facts

Fiction and Truth form a nucleus
of any fact for discussion
and our ideas and debate
our opinions and feelings
forming clouds around
repelling but also connecting
to other clouds around
other nuclii of fiction and truth, forsooth
till building, we build a body
a philosophy, or societal opinion
The spirit of a nation!!
That can cut like the subtle knife
it is made from,
or may eat with chemistry,
Or perhaps to hold
as something cherished
by someone sweating
over a project of work.
For our souls are no less real
than the ephemeral bodies
they give intuition to.
No less real than the stardust
we coordinate...
built upon first principles
which themselves are combinations
of myth and truth,
which when examined are mostly empty
space within our heads
that repels assimilation.
And so pushing against...
we learn of Facts' existence
Like the definition of a word,
we learn of its meaning

from the outside

and somewhere, somewhen, someone
spun the fact with fiction and truth
till this day, they spin yarns yet
for us to tell tales of sunny days,
and keep warm by, on rainier ones.
And in that yarn shop
sheep are sheared for wool
and in a corner the wool is gathered, combed, and dyed
to give it charm, and is spun to make a thread.
And it is given to a weaver
and the weaver makes cloth
and tailors take that to bring
to the world- shelter and protection
from destruction of harsh elements,
perhaps to even look good
when cleaning out a horse stall
with sweat and muscle
or courting your girl
with humorous tales
that happened
"just the other day, I saw the wildest thing."