Saturday, April 5, 2008


Liberty, peace, securityunfried lines of sustainability
green peace spread thin
while politicians pander
slander, ramble, and dance
to views of impossible opinion
in hopes the invisible thirsty two-headed giraffe
doesn't get to their beer first
doesn't read their governance laws online
doesn't know legality doesn't mean morality

I bet the crew who knew Malcolm X
were fed the same bullshit we have now
the same constraints on their voice lent
I bet the crew who knew Lincoln
celebrated freedoms not listed in the amendments
like that beer you fear congressman
like that smoke you toke senator

If it were left to me,
we could tread more lightly:
build houses that didn't sprawl,
require crop-rotation,
plant perhaps borders along rivers,
to soak up the fertilizers point source pollution
for a day in when we may.. just pray
and celebrate
that we did the right thing,
not fighting in contention with corporations
for the voice of reason.

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