Thursday, July 3, 2008

Like Oil and Water

Drilling rigs are boring
through the iris of the earth
one finds the salt of the gods
imitating water
but poison to the yeast

When descending into the Iris of the Earth
relative baselines become basin and source
while one weathers into the other unending
the valley is to the mountain
as the root is to the peak
and the crust to the rift
where all mountains begin
from compression produced therein

From the Salt of the Gods
Ra's Chariot becomes commonplace
to dangle on a thread
between love and hate
in our roadrage
and mercenary economy
of corporate lobbying

In imitating water
heaven's abode is synthesized
giving life to the tree of economy
but so large it grows
kills the ground growth
and threatens houses
in senescence
from 10,000 winds
caught in it's leaves

The poison to the yeast
is as peak to root
in our roadrage
in our mercenary economy
but so large it grows
into 10,000 winds
it is as poison to the yeast

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