Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Soylent Green

Whether it tis nobler to drink ale
or ply the crook and brook to fish
the bubbles are the same that arise
if you keep in mind, one is God's land
and the other but human nature
both stir steady relaxation

release in work, relaxation
to tie the fly, ply, and chill ale
while wading in or from bank, fish
the eddies of flowing that arise
from the cycling eternity of land
that is Eden when smog lifts off nature

when foggy or snowing or of rainy nature
maybe it is too hot for any relaxation
seek the shade brew some ale
buckle down, tend house, smoke fish
shine the light so you may arise
to meet demands of cynical land

to meet the demands of a cynical land
that would hide the fish and beer in nature
that would hide the steady pace in relaxation
that would addict to work and ale
that would poison the byways of fish
that would put guns in young hands, arise

like fertilizer that bring tomatoes to arise
oil can both be a boon and vice to a land
it brings the dollars and ease greasing nature
but brings inequality to deserved relaxation
instead of volunteering your drinking that ale
instead of inventing your out for a fish

we used to fertilize with fish
and something would stay with the land,
when oil runs dry so do farms in nature
and the malt shrivels in relaxation
and then we have no more tomato ale
with hot tamale sauce and got to fish

If fish could feed millions in Jesus' land
we're going to need it as we reinvest in nature
with billions more, arise, brew a ale. Relaxation

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