Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Light in God's Eye

"We are a way for the Cosmos
to know itself"- Carl Sagan

With the Sun shining
bouncing off the trees
it hits me
This is the stuff
that dreams are spun of

You glow, too, like the sun
giving off heat but startlight too
It's in your food
in your water
In the breath one inhales

Every food molecule grew
from sunlight
and having ate all this
all your life
you shine too

We do not exist but as light
our flesh of the starry heights
dreaming constantly the intuition
of the Cosmic Dreaming

We walk the Earth that was some
star that exploded years ago,
congealed effervescence,
from which we drink and eat
in a Communion with the Universe

The One gave his life for us
so that we may live
tell jokes
comfort each other
and dream big dreams

Do not waste it
for we are a dream
of something else bigger,
The light in God's eye.

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