Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Star Dawns

The star dawns
to glow low beyond
where people lay
Even birds sheltering
this morn
as the dewy rose
rises silently
in the red paints bleeding
through trees and smoke
and a million atoms of
carbon dioxide
spewed out from
freedom and necessity
pumping change into ecosystems
As if we, the human race
hadn't changed enough
Or have we?
We still treat amusements
as curiosities, and little gizmo
revolutions aren't what
aren't anything preconceived
so do we ignore the levity
of good fortune

the fortune of prognostication
through oracles of science fiction
the fortune of demonstration
through summits of simple toys
the fortune of illumination
through power grids of historical poets
the fortune of leadership
through history of democracy
the fortune of peace
through work of dreams
the fortune of work
through presents of time
the fortune of time
through health of galaxies

The rise of Mankind dawned with gratitude
for connections that protected and fed
his freedom and necessities
If we worship anything, we worship this
in our daily struggles for fish and bread
let US in our daily lives
give thanks and recognition
because Life
 is all connections

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