Monday, December 17, 2012

In Pantheons of Gods

In ancient days the pagans sang or praised
many Gods in Roman plays and temple place
Worshipping with many altars giving alms
until Christ the King rode over palms
and Roman Constantine made One God
the Roman Way, both axes and rods.
Subsuming roles into church and state
so too did many alters amalgamate
Or did they?
Today many visit banks,
visit church and give lip service
in lasting and meaningful places

Take Walmart or MickyDee's
or any other corporate beast
In servicing needs, we alight on piece
present offerings, hang out a while
Just like the pagans in their style
they'd visit five temples a day
when we visit 5 stores in similar ways
servicing our contentment for some money,
If you give, so shall you receive honey!

Something through this societal contract
in pagan roots, and modern contact
We worship ingenuity and wealth
as well as acceptance and of health
Isn't that the modern Pantheon?
By my eyes, It is an ancient one.
but not the original G
no that was a tree
which provided protection and food
enough for some, maybe all but fools
in search of truth and beauty too.

I wonder what kind of tree
would bring full circle
questions of God's people.

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