Sunday, July 12, 2015

Chasing Pavements

she don't know how
To ride that now
Don't do that thing
That makes souls sing

Can't dance or take wing
Can't make the dig
Can't find the hand to hold

Liking it calm and quiet
Screams quietly in silence
A silent lucidity
She just like me

Or as I used to be
Wishing a million miles between my head
Or all the words said that would fix instead
Quietly screaming this lucidity
Left unsaid

Wanting the prize, but unwilling to commit
Willing to suffer, but hating moments
Knowing she/he could win, but fuck it.

And whoever they are lie just enough
Whoever everyone really is, leave just enough alone
And no one really has it good, it all kinda sucks
The escape is not blocked, the exits are marked
And we're small enough to get by.

For when the quiet creeps in, the silent lucidity dreams
Solipsticly... sometimes enough... to have room for me

Because I am loved and can sometimes love
But the lies get to wearing thin
When human nature rubs up... against itself
And people choose themself over and again

I really think either God, Gold, or Guns
is kinda satanic, either that... or..
Worlds revolve without Love in pursuit of success

Success with capital Succor, that of
Money, Power, or Respect
again... satanic
a different name for the same.

The self-same need that made me run from me
10,000 things that had to be paved in front
And then I sought time itself and love
Realizing, "oh, that's what I want"
That's whats fun or hot or happiness is made from

And prayed life no longer fleed me
As I pray now! and in 10,000 poems

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