Saturday, February 27, 2016

I Got You a Gift for My Birthday

My bro, My sister
I saved time in a bottle for you

First I sketched out a small painting of one
Then slowly poured in time.  Crude I know.
It wasn't exactly as easy as making coffee,
But about as much fun.

This is a little un-nerving for me,
Watching people uncork it and use it.
My Dad found just a little bit of one,
And now he's rushing off into storms unabated.
Thank God the weather has been mild when he drives through.

It's really not all that complicated
And in fact probably quite commonplace
So-much-so we taught machines and robots the trick
Though they eternally leach the product.
Let us not give A.I. credit-cards I tell you!
They might poach our mercenaries... or...

Each painting I make, each crafty thing created
Is my time in a bottle, useful for many things, not all
Some has to be given up in the process
And in that process, that delineation, that ism, that schism Affixes

Attaches to the Attache' a label of diplomacy... directions, price-tag, form-factors
But there is no sale-by-date, thankfully.
It will probably make someone really wealthy sometime, not me.
My bottles just pile up in portfolio
withering like day old pizza under a heat lamp in digital pizzarias.

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