Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Symphony In The Trees

The morning on the valley
Mist shrouds the river, Sun lights the range of ridges
And the birds call to one another

What a beautiful morning full of life and dreams
A solitude rejubilant, a soliloquy reshared
And in the dreaming people meet

In the meeting, people face
In the facing, joy comes to greet to strengthen and resolve
Ardent hearts and minds with Imagination

And in the imagination, Dreaming
To spread worlds with Joy
Like a songbird rejubilant and reshared the world over
From the meadowlark or oriole, to the nuthatch or chickadeedeedee

They fling care into the air and trust to the wind a grace sweet and divine.
The birds singing and worshipping unmeasured time
For songs and for flight,
                  take joy in the sight of the symphony in the trees

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