Sunday, June 11, 2017

Legacy of Pennies

I went to the gas station today
189 miles some odd gallons
26 gpm

26. gpm.

My truck gets 15 if I'm lucky
And with 353 million registered vehicles
I've got 5 and find it impossible to save money.
The population of the U.S. is only 323 million.

But with that 26 gpm, I need only one gas tank
My truck has two.
And with that 26 gpm, that small change of 10 gallons per mile
I'm able to go and fill up only once a week.

Cause I broke domestic oil production down for 353 million vehicles
And it's about 11-16 gallons per week, per vehicle, and I have five
PLUS amazon and ups and fedex which can really add up, So
I've driven less than my allotment, a lot less... 3 vehicles less, Or
About 33 gallons less.

Hell of a lot to remembered for,
"Oh, he was less bad than he could've been."
In a world that equates Success with more bad,
If the world is being destroyed by it.

Think of it, I'm doing less bad, and excused
While those creating this world are exalted,
And in the process of doing More of everything(that I'm doing less of)
To end up destroying the world more than, I'm doing less of.

Confused yet?  It doesn't have to make sense.
Apparently, all it Has to make is a dollar,
And they'll just count the pennies later...

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