Sunday, June 8, 2008

flight Pan-Am

am I in love
new sets of eyes
that soar the horizon
one kiss at a time

a slip of the worlds
that glide eternity
my reality fading
into the same rut
I had with my last girl

born anew
a toddler in swaddling
same old body
new cup of coffee
spawning wants
of yesterday
yesteryear torn asunder
pieces peeled afeather
to fly a new bird up

but what dark vision
is this
thunder clouds out yonder
now clearly viewed
as illusion of lust
once shattered
patchworks the scenery
abounding under
true love's destruction
having come back together
with patchwork seams
to put blinders on my needs

I soar, preoccupied
by times waning strength
to leave me seeking
that next kiss from the abyss

a glowing cigerette stick
streaks past my reach
darkness has fallen
but new lights guide
my glide in soaring the heights

a spangled sky seeks my soul
and the stars in her eyes
scream louder than the wind
of patchworked illusions of lust's
karmic clockwork death

and I find a tree next to an intersection
the light blinks red and I rest
for minutes on end
finally the dawn arises anew
and with it my soul sojourn

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