Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shoestring Theory

Laces and the shoes on the street
brace entropy from entreating
sprains, sprungs, springs of sorrow from
the failing hate of gravity

Laced up and tied right the plights
of ankles in the city tonight
hop, dance, bop, shop
in serendipity while securely alight

but one tangle, one poor knot
may throw most into chaos:
broken legs, bent fenders...
society itself has to doctor
what was once thought
a loquacious civility

Tying together financial empires
and used by warmongering liars,
the humble shoestring may be really,
some tool of the devil's hellfire
feeding the flames of eternity
chaining us to the bottom line
through coporate lobbying
Free the Shoestring!

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