Sunday, January 23, 2011

opportunity knocks

Let technology create opportunity
much as your possesions don't own you
let them not dictate your lifestyle
let them not smother you with their importance
break free
break free and fly fleet of soul
not weighed down by material things
their status, their preoccupation for more
and be loved outside of consumerism
less, less, less
instead of more, more, more

It's quality instead of quantity of family
that determines whether you end up in jail
More inmates declare they were abused as a kid
than less

quality, not quantity of your food
for the same reason we like flavorful cooking
over tasteless food

quality, not quantity of your ideas
for the same reason we prefer intelligence over ignorant ramblings

quality, not quantity of your peace
for the same reason I'd rather have a heartfelt hug
than a lifetime of indifference

and with less we may see the true value of what we have
and stressing that in our lives
rather than stress something totally inconsequential.
Stress things that enrich your life that one may understand fully
the quality of it would probably expand
rather than buying into many of something you've never figured out
just quite how to use fully
Make your own life accessible to yourself
by discarding the consumerism that caused you to buy so much stuff.
Discarding the packaging the present has arrived in

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