Saturday, February 19, 2011

The progress of Man

The progress of man
is slowest at communication
All the change in the world
can come too quickly,
if he can't learn what it is.

Slowness in communication
is an easy thing to digest.
The unlearnable is the complex
Which is just an easy thing...
not explained well.

All the change in the world
is constantly growing a new body
for society...
refreshing the forgotten patterns
and making young children out
of old men with the same ideas

which if in coming at us too quickly
we lack the time to digest properly
And so, those with the least time left
need the most in hand as there's
a million things in their mind
that have to make room for the new thing
to fit,
both likes and dislikes
have to take second fiddle.

The progress of man
is an easy thing to digest
It is a constantly renewing society
with the last becoming first
in a refreshment of forgotten patterns
to drink in at the speed of life
with your likes and dislikes sometimes
having to take second fiddle
if you don't know what something is.

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