Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Power to the People

The industry drives the market
supplies it with material
so does nature supply man
in matters spiritual
and thus all progress is made

Supplying the market with material
meters supply and demand
so that economics becomes synonomous
with materialism
and consumerism is bred

So does nature supply man
with houses like a beaver,
made of sticks,
and roads like the deer and elk
with webs of transportation

In matters spiritual
who can say what way is close to God
but close to God is the way
and thus empty of expectation
can one receive the present

And thus all progress is made
industry manufacturing the material
nature growing the spiritual
with all thought, a great tree,
bending to the winds of time

Industry grows like money
much like Nature, grows like God
and all the questions of the universe
reduce to, can we make it through this
for a present of progress

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