Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Cyser of My Eye

As the river unwinds past cities
-it enters the aqueduct pipelines-
to which it feeds into Nature and Industry
powering magneto gunmetal
as well as orchard petals,
creating different beasts

The apple leads to Man supreme
-that plan-suited conqueror-
a creation of monstrous necessity
feeding off the nectar
predicting the vector,
and plants the Appleseed as investing

The electricity leads to Markets' steam
-that profit-robotic business method-
a creation of monstrous greed
eliminating freewill
while gaining mills,
and buys businesses for expanding

I would argue our power is only lent
-but that's not the truth of it-
bursting greed has always been inside, pent
greed begets greed
as seed begets seed,
Let us drink a glass of mead, and mend

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