Monday, November 14, 2011

To Be Fed by Hay

Of Life's Mystery
Everything was known
It was all so simple
so needed no simplification
adding to my smile a dimple...

Man, either a spiritual animal
or a materialistic one
focused either on Nature
or Industrial Suns

Nature flows to man as
Industry flows to marketing
Everything else a field
of force fields guarding
and returning to source
that is, Industry and Nature
of course
an electro/magnetic dipole

Of life's gravity
Cities, States, Countries
Men and their families
A solar systemic galaxy

Of monies nuclear attraction
protons, neutrons,
gluonic satisfaction
exchange of stability

Of taxes' radioactive decay
of income, property, and sales
a nuclear breakdown
of relative particles too large

Man navigates all this
like the bison
ranging 18,541 acres
Penned off and limited by industry
and corporate lobbying
Only free to explore
outside the means to work
within the limits of work,
or copper ore, or road corridors
farms, and Nations mutualism.
And these are our fences.

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