Sunday, February 10, 2013


The meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything
used to be like oil and its inky reserve
something slaved over to see light of day
something that could be cracked and seperated
for plastic, or fuel, or medicine for ones gettabout
filling empty tanks for renewed vigor
and lubricating easier days ahead.
but it's not like oil.

     Not anymore
The meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything
is like Solar, dude, Where promethean fire is limitless
and in hanging ten, only grows more power from preponderance.
something thats wasted now when stored too long;
meant to be used in convention and connection
for participation in economies.
Where a new day reverses climate change
by partners in the same knowledge surviving progress'
terminating robots and human follies
that march on in war against time.

Direction Zero bids me home
to avert catastrophe.
Welcome to the good news.
there's new meaning in Life, the Universe, and Everything!

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