Friday, May 3, 2013

Open Letter to President Obama

Imagine a world so networked with silicon clocks and electronics
that a single man could coordinate a galactic government.
If we played nice with a benevolent dictator.
And if one man could do that,
as networked devices run banks and business plans
silicon coordination would shrink the effective need
for family size, and every other freedom
But also smaller and smaller groups throw
bigger and bigger wrenches
in well planned functioning
nonetheless somewhat blind
(as this is life)
creating perpetual states
of emergency
Already on news
were bombarded by grim hues
of planes crashing
and tracers in Iraq
Scuds in Afghanistan
or any grim act
or grizzly murder
or wolf hunt
And that's not even politics
merely coordinatation effects.
For man is a coordinated person
with brain and hand and eye
keeping track of time
Ah! like Silicon!
So combustion of silicon engines
are actually polluting with coordination
the very thing driving the machine
till global freedom starts shrinking
from atmospheres of stress
Global warming all over again
but not from extraction of fossil fuel
but from compaction of silicon tools.
Already Boston got locked down
Airlines are Airinoid
Gitmo another sign of the starry heavens
That freedoms are shrinking in Yuletide
and spring tides and neat lives
and every other kind of time
kept track by element 14, nowadays, sigh.
42 freedoms 14 lives
3 cats and two eyes
spy another catastrophic timeline
lagging behind the winning car
in this game of life.

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