Thursday, May 16, 2013

When Worlds Turn

I look and see no one's looking
beyond the sea held within their wallet
As water rains from skies
Welcome to society!
Here's your checkbook, buy some smiles.
And the worm crawling in folded bills slowly eats his way out
from billfold into folded heart.
I caught him nibbling at my soul so I torched the little liar.
And all illusion fell to ashes leaving me drowning in an ocean
and weak to swim to shore where now I reside to live in captivity
by the local tribe of indiginents whom seem slightly more anarchistic
for having been burned by light once upon a time.
I spend my day slaving to explain I don't speak their language
I spend my day slaving to make the sun rise and the moon to set.
But still my fears that time is yet unraveling from fires started yesteryear
is consuming the rest of the world as I sit here gathering moss
and growing hoary with frost having been put here by the Gods.
If I were to Die, the words would be unwritten
and yet if I am to live, they aren't to be spoken.
And I could not even if prompted, by some will
that constantly fights progress towards that end.
This my life, is my punishment for remembering
the slavery from which I freed many
from the pit of darkness.
But, that too, is to be forgotten I guess
as freedom is just a memory as I live dislocated
on an island
that speaks strangely

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