Tuesday, October 8, 2013

As a Function of Gravity

myth and truth
combine into facts
as exacting connections
building philosophy
or maybe just perhaps
a bauble for a child
or tennis ball
(or poem)
As ideas connect
through the prowess
of our opinions
on what's economical,
efficient, and pragmatic.

the facts themselves
show little attraction
twixt one or another
as we sort and ponder this and that
which will advance the chemistry
of ideas scaffolded for growth.
Sometimes great lumps
of myth and truth form seeds
to spin a flurry of activity surrounding
like in controversy or good news
as a grey squirrel will orbit the acorn
or animals and watering holes
or Even our planets and the Sol.

And as we're herded through the corrals
of human history
we need only to look
at present circumstance
albeit with some fractacality
to unlock the latent connections in our pasts
so we may dream of a future and hope for a day
And love one another as shared ways
that connect the Heavens themselves
like simple neutrons and protons
manifesting the visible universe
by proponderance of face-melting stars
which they themselves are as commonplace
as the air we read
and light by which we breath

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