Sunday, November 3, 2013

Life Worth Living

Corporations advertise their glorious salvation in programming
as unrealized or penny-wise investment in wants and needs.
A frugal mind realizes, one isn't really saving
if one is putting penny-wise in someone elses pocket.
And as advertised, you get your lies, at a savings of cooperation
for psychologists hide their smiles when marketing a product
and unrealized in minds embrace, are tactics spewn as vomit
As marketers appeal to domains in brains, to get you to open wallets.
"You have a choice," my shrink decrees, "one decides how far to take it."
But on the street and market shelf they're guiding you to purchase
and if you don't they slam your ass with void and empty dreams
Till they can build you up, and kiss your lips with another, "I am worth it."

They don't call it television programming for nothing.

And as we learn to ignore to yearn, we forget about the content
and then it's on to Superbowl fun, and another programmed profit
Our self-worth is programmed dirt we sift through for gold and gems
but when our identity is what we buy, people die with market fluxes.
The truth is we need to live, the beauty of it is.. we are
So when your sad, when you're blue, because your team is always losing
maybe get a life and turn off that advertised, fixative television
Read a book, write a poem, hell get drunk and mess around
for there's lots of dirt in worlds a turning that one can seek and find
before we pay to kill or slay our more precious mental vision
Pursue your dream, believe your hopes, and discover worlds' untold faith.
For life is to live, love, and to learn... in our patience, we make....
Life worth living.

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