Monday, May 26, 2014

99 Illusions

Hey WildChild
What you listening?
What you doing?
What you witnessing?


We must not know
that both teams lose
on TV's lasso
of your mind,
while both teams get paid
playing the same game
Six times a week
In substitution
for the suspense of real life.

Many watch for the grace
some for the serenity of pace
Perhaps they watch for danger
to their bragging rights, face.
The cross is in the ball field.
The importance of it is you,
and the sacrifice,
                   one's life
as a testament to Jesus.

What have you?
Where have you?
when, why, how
Did you bring spirit
to the communion,
Or sip on it in the dark
like vampire suckling
an electronic Jesus?

Bread and the Circus
Think about that
      and the
circus of the mind
circus of the soul
circus of the body
circus of the city
circus of the bazaar
circus of the drama
circus of the clowns

we could go on, it's a zoo-
Otropical phantasm
of existence
and people will feed on humble fare
while dining with noble wine
loaves and fishes to this day
We've perfected the means
but lost our aim
as ballgames,

The television has united
the polarization.
Left stand lefter
And the Right, self-righteous.
as Saints and Vampires sort out
the Death Star
But we must not know
No real thinking allowed
No real witnessing
No real doing
What's real anyway
when facts are half myth
and what you bring to worlds
yearning for a glimpse of light
What is real?
99 illusions, and balling ain't one

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