Sunday, June 15, 2014

Minor Opinion

If the fractal nature of existence
harbors life like a wildflower daisy
In due course realized, one becomes of mind
Everything Is Alive
as in the Frankenstein
creation of couches and fishtanks
lamps and tables and all mundane
But in the case of Life
And in the case of all existence
is that inclusive signs indicate

a fractal mutuality
is the sign of Life
In your life
our lives
everyone's life
from arms to fingers
from eyes to cones
legs and toes and toenails
with the grooves extending out
A feather from a bird
a Star and light
The Universe and Plight
A Human, a tree, and a skyscraper
We harvest the fluxing waves,
you can bet, with what's on top

an so can we can conclude
WE'RE the mad scientists,
and shuck this illusion of normalcy?
How can you be so damn certain a tree doesn't think
or a mountain lives
When they're both so different from anything
we've ever successfully conversed with.
They do....


And when God proves it to you-
will you be Listening or in shock
that you did indeed only rock
what you wanted to hear?
Only invested stock
in one's own reflection
as exercise of vanity
with money that is your body
with power that is your will
with respect to you.
Wake up.

come on.
Wake up

The machine is stripping our garden.

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