Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another Free Poem

Christ's Victory over sin and death
Is not my couch, or fine machines
I tap on or carry conversation.
But freedom to find and/or create
Meaning and/or purpose in our lives.
Freedom from tyranny
Freedom from oppression
And probably freedom from debt.
Freedom from walled thought,
Freedom from railed opinions,
And probably freedom from slavery.

Through our boring 9-5 jobs
Mortgage payments.
Mowing the lawn
Cooking dinner,
PTA meetings,
Feeding the pets
Walking the dog.
Big shiny cars
Kids singing
Normal things being joys
And freedom from hate and war

Since when in my life
I must ask myself
Did freedom begin to mean, an escape?
Was it that day way back
I was roofing for my Dad?
Or was it the time I canceled cable
Because of all the ads.
Perhaps I felt trapped when I was in school
in the first go around from homework and debt
expectation and obligation and appointments.

Maybe that's not what you found; and
Perhaps isn't what anybody created for me.
There is the possibility better lives await,
Even me, more free, as rich or poor as you think me.
As stupid, as smart, as funny, or not
Ah Life: to survive, thrive, and not to starve!
If it is to be more than an escape,
But a freedom for us to live, laugh, learn, and love IN!

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