Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rob Poor to Give to Rich

War, I see warr up North, War down South
And Justice being beaten caused he resisted arrest
Dragged to ground, and I feel hancuffed and helpless to absorb some of the blows
I see razing and raining down
On my friend Justice.
     Those who serve and protect is us.
We, who would pay some one else to do it.
We, because they aren't doing it right.
     Whitey isn't serving and whitey isn't protecting everyone...
Because all I see is war.  And war never changes.  But I would know Peace, I like peace,
Peace is all that and a book of poetry  supporting computer tablets.
Why, Peace is a beer after a day of too much excitment.  3 cheers for beer!
And Peace, Freedom, Equality, Liberty, and Justice
Are all being raped in the name of Security.

Why? because he isn't serving and protecting.  And I know this can be hard to swallow, but after whitey is done with the folks in Ferguson, he's coming after me... and then he's coming after, You!

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