Friday, December 5, 2014

If Toy Guns Were A Victory

In an electric economy
We dream of the big play
A strike of a lightning chain
Come down and stored round
in some chamber underground

And with it, economy cycles
From product design to Landfill supply line
When we renew, reuse, and redesign
Both for simplicity, but safety
And maybe mobility and payworthy

How much simpler could hydrogen get?
It's split from water using electricity...
With propane synthesization.
Made from hydrogen and carbon dioxide.
For mobile fuel and direct action
Less intense than hydrogen handling.

But what do I know:
Easy to handle
Already usable
Easily made? trade secret...

Well lets say we have solar power
Running day and night splitting water
And with a small supply of cO2
Out spits a propane tank for you to:

Run that weedwacker and trim the hedge,
Fill a bus for the neighborhood kids,
And Autogas to get some groceries,
Or Cooking gas for your stove when you get home.

And yes it comes from electricity, this propane
From a solar panel out back with a couple of batteries.
Splitting the water and compressing the air
On a cell-phone-like tower of power near-by
Instead of over the county line, and far away, bye.

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