Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Guest Post from friend entitled:"Mercer's First Journey"

What makes me happy,
sunsets and sunrises
car movies and drive-ins
kayaking makes me happy
Building solar arrays makes me happy

What makes me healthy,
pills and paints
habits and routines
socializing makes me healthy
living in one place makes me healthy

But they call me mad, the uninformed
That cost me my career and education
And that does make me angry
Because I am MAD!
I'm MAD because few hear me
I'm MAD because few see me
And if hearing and seeing is believing

Then fewer than few understand
And f.e.w.e.r than f.e.w.e.r. realize
That I'm mad that they can't understand
TIME After Time after time repeating my relation

there ain't no realization
so some don't get out of bed, Cuz they know
so some don't feel easy, Cuz they worry why
so some don't slide through, Cuz they burnout
so some don't explain anyway, Cuz they stressed
so some don't live, Cuz they died inside

so some don't stay, Cuz they give up
so some don't heal, Cuz pain feels real
so some don't forget, Cuz shit traumatic
so some don't forgive, Cuz they guilted
so some don't understand, Cuz they lied to

Me this all all makes me angry, the repetition
You seeing but not seeing me
You hearing but not hearing me
You sensing me, but not understanding
Because all the realization I want, is really smallSo small... on one thousand mile journey like footstep after footstep

Instead those steps are those of angry slow motion!
A thousand miles and eternity don't mix in anyone's heart well:
In our world manifests care-less spirits, on stranded path, because of this.
That, would make you mad, too,
If you tried staying to heal, forget, and forgive all while understanding why.

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