Saturday, September 19, 2015

Meniscus Floats the Sign of Birth at Times in Gravity's Boat of Worlds Unknown, Known Life

I am Boat
I sail the seven seas with knots and breeze
Judas Priest the captain, pour money into me
But I am depleted when housed in thee
The words I scribe are temporal
The swords I carry for peril
And the cannon so xenophobic
Elon Musk be a terrorist

I am boat
I can mate, I can earn
And suggested health is my wealth
For wood replaced my bone

This is heaven, A life of slavery,
To priest whom blames me
As I carry
his shame, his guilt... laid upon me

Because he would not explain his bullshit, not to a boat
for fear of being overheard by bird or sea or fish that pees in ocean deep.
And so I'm blamed for being a boat and boatlike because he can't ram you finished
In this material world of sink or swim.
But that, too, is more bullshit for grammarians to parse in beautiful world
With all their bitches and blame for the game is still the same
If captain be one deaf leoppard from anywhere besides Judea

And what be him?  Duck!  and keep ducking!
The machinery is in motion, the mast... the hoist

I quit these loveless friends and jobless work
While Giovanni's smile... in memory... still ciphers my prow with princess riding
whispering, "heavenly..." clung to said prow with legs spread in dream
I owe my thanks to the blood of humanity for my freedom.  But not you. Or you.
Riding on in fantasy... I kinda somewhat am hating my life of isolation.

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