Thursday, October 15, 2015

Three Minutes to Noon

I use to live ignored;
Tomorrow, mitigated.
Today be isolated all 'cause I'm illmatic
But how does any of it get better, I must ask
Yesterday I was up in my head
Tomorrow I'll be in others' thoughts
Today noone has a second or third thought for me

The phone rings silently punishing me every second
            though knowing noone wants me to be isolated

Last decade I had a silver birthday
Some decade I'll have one golden
                full of mica, starlight, and gilded frames of gold
This decade be bronze because our war party   Dirtbags
Whom are fighting alongside are tougher than nails.

The apocalypse was last week as I write this according to someone who talked to God
And his congregation spilled the beans.  I was wondering how long 5 minutes could last.
Good to know Hell isn't much worse than Heaven.

When I talked to God just to catch up... He told me I crushed my bro Dave in our games.
He didn't mention anything about the End of the World as according to Christians.
Figures, I'm the last to know these sorts of things, anyhow.

Five minutes to total annihilation persons say for the world,
But I see me only from 5 minutes until disappointment
                                explodes in my face... in perpetuity!
Until they find a cure for M.I.A.
Probably it WON'T be one when it comes around... if history belies.

Yesterday was annihilated
Tomorrow is presented
And today is just the best work I can do as isolated as I am

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