Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Blue Vacuum

Nature is a low pass filter...:
The sounds of earthquakes from Japan, rumble
Rather than clatter of rattled or shattered glass...
The trees remain as snags rather than pollen in the wind...
We remember birds from nests in our embracing winter,
And the sky is blue from high-energy light being scattered to four winds.

Planet Earth is one Low Pass filter...:
Radiation returns to space as black-body signature, having spent time,
Outward upon the unlit side from rocks and tides,
Ultraviolet light is done in by some tri-oxygen ozone,
Magnetospheres are ephemeral, but so very basic, ions dance a slow rhythm
While all life leaves behind their bones for iterative sandbox where only
Sleepy, dull-witted, slow, low energy, low maintenance, quiet child of the stars
Can joke with his friends privately about how funny some-a-something is
while playing with remains of taller mountains than we had now, founded M.Y.A.

Our Solar System is Passing low frequencies...:
The periodicity of planets takes years, and Pluto.. since discovered
Hasn't made any revolutions around the Sun.
The cycle of our star takes 11 years, changing little from yesterday and tomorrow
These vibrational cycles are milankovitchian and slower even than glacial retreat

Energy beyond, I would have to believe is one Stellar Blue jay... potentially or kinetic flying Soaking in daylight sun while looking at what remains, warm and reflecting outward Cohesive and intent upon dinner or supper, but freely wandering where daylight bespeaks...  Looking for leftovers from war against time and space... Looking for leftover remains of peace coveting nourishment.
There is no vacuum where stellar blue jays occupy,
Nor is there nothing in-between them and you.
Rare but Very Existential- and somewhere you know they're true too...
And like speck, they land to your awareness and just sound awFuL!
For their space is one blue vacuum.

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