Monday, October 17, 2016

Backed Water World

Dirt, clay, gravel, a pretty view
And another pretty view
Silence that can crush your ears

Home, with the raindrops and snowflakes
And dry warm summers of spicy air
Another weed is pulled and I sit
Under open air that reaches to the moon
While stars are hidden by big blue sky

Somewhere the sun shines
Up beyond the low sky
Up beyond the raindrop
That hasn't quite decided where to go

Home with the green and tall trees
Home with the clay and gravel driveway
Home with a puddled thought
   And want of ninety-nine sunbeams a day
I don't have a problem counting them
They have all day to write or call

Home when the rain lessens is more cool
With wet grass and embiggened ponds
Easier to dig, quieter to walk

The crickets are gone now.
The birds somewhere where berries grow.
The grasshoppers have crawled away.
The seedbeetle hiding from empire,
And tomorrow looks like more rain
With one morning that will last until about 3pm.

No big todo as everyone begins to do less
Eating less, growing less, earning less, working less
And probably thinking less as the world slows down.

While slow worlds happen, busyness speeds up, too,
Where busy people pretend to busy themselves with holidays
Or elections, or sales, or anything anywhere or any how they can
To get their big todo's done, too,
For big encroaching slow which nibbles
At life itself every-year and solar cycle
So that one might start anew all over again.

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