Thursday, October 6, 2016

Spanning Locomotion

The trees stand spanning height
Growing- spreading and spreading and spreading
Mmmmm... up they go and greenly seed worlds
With their plans for destiny

And in winds- trees bow gracefully to pending doom
Bending back straight when storm is through
Taking it all in then from rain swelling ground
And worlds -too- benefit from persevering gloom
Grit not to be under-rated if soils grew the sounds of life

And life itself stands spanning time
Growing- spreading and spreading and spreading
Up we go in spacetime to seed worlds with plans for destiny
The plan of history is much of what we are living

And in wars- life suffers through
Bending back peacefully- too
Soaking up the tears and sweat shed
Painfully- too -benefiting from passed doom
But it is our history that keeps us rooted

And in all the worlds we could live
Where is the freedom and redemption of death
When people don't really die-
     They live on forever in minds and hearts
To continue guiding the songs of life.

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