Friday, November 4, 2016

Looking for Stars in the Autumnal Skies

Somedays I plod along like a dirt clod carrying moss
The work takes longer
    The rain feels colder
        Spacetime feels slower
And I feel older

Now the dew is dripping in the dark
off the eve in single drips
Everywhere smells wet, my feet are damp in grass

The memory of crickets chirping is somewhere
A faint chirrup, chirrup, but it's 200 feet away
And lost in the dark that I'm searching for stars in

A gardenlight glows in our dark flower bed
And finally my eyes can see some of the stars
As a raven wHoosh, wHoosh, wHooshes not so silently in the night
With their mighty wings and keen noses

I like sitting in that, especially with a friend
unfathomably close while surprisingly distant
while they're everywhere for awhile and one is here,
then somewhere in now-here they speak, and there they are...
silently smiling at how many stars they can see, now
without a flashlight or streetlight, it takes awhile
fatigue or stress theives detection like a flood obscures the river

Maybe that's my Dad

Maybe that's everybody

who wonders where time goes but like rain
Down, and then lateral... to begin again in Ocean
But all we do is run until we're tired or re-tired
Or retooled like a machine with tires... changing the oil on vacation

I'm tired
Does God only give us two sets of four for treads?
Then, why can we walk lightfoot?  And who invented the halftrack?
I don't know these answers listening to the dew drop off the roof
As I stare past the dark feeling spacetime primordial to the stars
And up there, "there's someone up there... looking up to me, too"
As our star shines down on their star shining down on ours.

Maybe this is war

Maybe this is confliction
whom wanders through houses that falls down at the same time
so nothing ends up happening the instant everything collapses
because Everything is supporting everything else during Autumnal days
and the prospect of complete annihilation leaves everyone

wishing for peace

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