Friday, November 11, 2016

Reason of Real

Back in the days of blacksmiths and witches
Strange things, unexplained phenomena
Explained away by superstition
A bad smell, a sudden illness
Even murder
     was sometimes the work of the devil

Their reason worked fine giving rise
To rational minds with limited information
Their feeling were true, too, knowing right from wrong
Loving peace, hating war like me and you

There were jokers and mages, wizards and fools
Kings and lions and griffons and tall tales
What they fought daily didn't mostly exist
But dealt with harvest, and beasts, and boredom

And so the tall tales grew thicker
As they sometimes do
With witches flying through the air
And four horsemen watching you

But in all that age, And in all that spacetime
Truth is a matter of facts
That whether you believe them or not
Can bite one in the ass.

And so science came to pass
Everybody learns to read
Everybody learns to think
That we can look up in encyclopedias
And drive in automobiles

We can think and read,
And be not afraid of the dark
Though witches may fly, again
And four horsemen, reappear

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