Saturday, December 17, 2016

I Was Sitting by the Window

I glove my hands
And my eyeballs glow electric
Because, they ARE- with a hundred LEDs
Fed by bioelectric energy metabolizing in blood
Oxygen fed and glucose ATP

The gloves, I'm cheap
Haven't the clink nor capital
For the skinweave to feed, into
So with my left hand I press the contact
Thumb to pinky let's me right click stinky

AND OH BOY, there's his twitter history
And a press and swipe let's me reply...
And o.h. boy. Thumb to ring
I sing a short spell to screen-yell

I wonder, too, what skin weave might do
The amputee pelegic can have their shit shifted in
Can't move his arm, but his actions' manic
Might type a thousand words per minute, with good chrome

It's good to track tactually, though
Or it all feels like rubber

Pinky to forefinger and I log out,
The eyes dim, I put them on ocular mag-thin
And go back to sewing my pants at the laundry mat
While I wait for my laundry
With gloves off and a thimble on

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