Friday, December 9, 2016

what did SE. Hp say?

Magically leaping into virtual reality
My headset splits up the three layers
The ram only carries my private notation
The U.S. unloaded, the Earth forgotten

I open my wallet and fish out my artcard
To pass-image the lock on my diary
And up flips an ubuntu text editor, free to use
Getting use to the blanket blank wood case typing pad

But my que image quotes load my diary
And I type on the text program flatly
But that's ok, replaces my o.k. computer, too
As I listen to you know who

I write about peoples heads catching fire
From compact batteries having no breathing room
I write about people catching fire
From animated wall pictures on e-ink displays

The interface is totally boing
Just Linuxes I loaded and it looks virtually flat
But that's just that, but shrunk inside a helmut
With graphics layering in the main Operations

And my gloves, and my gloves, and my gloves
Gripping the shit so I can swing bizzness
It's no thing, so my brain rots wanting
A real world, a real friend, a real time

While yearning for a real clackety keyboard,
There is no back to this front end menagerie,
There is no friend hugging away despondence.
There is nothing but illusion to grapple.

And like the grape rotten and grappled
or perhaps a bee drunk on it...
Little comes..
And less is sown.

I get bored so I load the U.S. e-layer
The layer that has wifi and commercial plights
I connect and download the latest G.I.S. positions
Locally though for Montana, and Idaho, and Wyoming

Preferred, I could do with less, less ram, less load time
Even saying with 6G wireless, who wants to fill it?
And the portal is street, tags here, banksy there
But they've been creeping...  Like websites! Like Layers!

And OMG! google just been making those adverts ~free!
Don't look at the wineshopp, though you !might get a coupon!
Though, yea, one can find it on google-maps
But the audio and visual hallucinations and all...

That!  That's the nexus, the world's pscilosybin
If an echo lapping waves back slapping the feet that tread futures' path
Or time travel is impossible, though information escapes a black hole...

Lapsing, I find the street has no layer
There is no public layer on the G.I.S.
Not one that allows profanity anyhow
That gets taken down soon after

But dude had root, and look at that shit
on the New Year blimp, the server no less,
On every advert stream and piss.
Seems kinda random... obey, consume, please... obey

Do we buy the winter gloves...
Or do we buy Vermont!
If you've been to a folk festival, you know
If you've DIYerself, you've thought it out.

Dude is selling raffle tickets
So I take a screenshot of the QR-code
9 tickets bought, later
I have to autofill the registration.

I mosy on, holiday shopping day...
I go into the mall, there's about 20 people
I look up the QR code for Hastings, 3rd up and on the left
Bam, lean back in the couch, and BaBy!!!

An hour later a conveyor is wrapping the travel proofs
Packaging the DVD download cards, VOD gifts, and e-book queues.
I also got the latest hazard maps, and dropshift points
And some QR codes for the latest apps!  OHH, I'm so excited

Not only are bells ringing right now!!!
But violins in heaven are playing sonatas!!!
Because as we speak, I'm walking out with THE latest
VR Headset that money can buy in a 20 foot by 20 foot room!

And it's got the satellite modem
It's got 40 gig processor cache
I've got the mobile app store
and Platform stache... for green

Bizatch this the MAC!  And it's black!
This won't tarnish back!  I'm Grand!
And with my bash, I'm going to be sending
My SOUL on up to higher levels!  To get that mushroom.

Green and black, stache and black
Education and money or... information and money...
If I might ask a quesTION... this is street
This is the beginning, this is ME!

AS i reach. to. predict. and feel.. ME.....

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