Monday, July 3, 2017

Portico of Galaxies

A poem a day, will keep my mind playing
Up in heaven, down in clouds
Flying around with ideas bounding
Star to star in nebulae above
Their light gracing sky's earthy love
Their meaning mending with stitches and suture
Our past is the key to better future
Both dreams we've had and lives we've lived; Perhaps,
Waiting for a mate to survive a zombie apocalypse
Or waiting for knocks on the door requesting Gandalf's task
    Billions of stars
Trillions of dreams
And but a few voices within, to keep one company
In an architecture of plurality with wisdom,
justice, tolerance, and my courage speaking
    While the natural world bears us to live...
And all the worlds I've met, all the roads traveled
I like here the best,
    this's where I can find me myself and I.
And though some are fake while they try to be real
  Or some are real while they try to be fake
I spend my days occupied, and played,
  Never being one that has to always escape.
Life isn't hard, but life isn't always easy, either
  No matter how easy going I might appear to you.
I too require water and food, a place to sleep.
  I too need acceptance, companionship, and opportunity.
The problem isn't the type I am,
  but the type you think you are.
It is Mary that Mary cries for.

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